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‘The Flash’ 4×02 recap: “Mixed Signals”

The Flash episode “Mixed Signals” aired Tuesday, October 17 2017.

The Flash is back, people! And I don’t just mean the Flash is back in town. This show is back to it’s good ol’ lighthearted self. This episode had everything enjoyable from Barry being adorable, Caitlin and Cisco moments, a new meta-of-the-week, and the right dose of humour.

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Shake, rattle and roll

As long as we make it through the opening scene where a snobby billionaire gets shaken violently to death in an elevator like he’s the latest fish P. Sherman gave to Darla.

Got through that? Good, now enjoy Barry dancing and singing in his shirt and boxers to punk rock music while preparing breakfast at superspeed. He then catches up on all his favourite TV shows – also at superspeed – and gives away Game of Thrones spoilers. Too bad he has to go to work before he gets to enjoy his cooking with Iris, and is still late at the crime scene despite being the Flash. Some things never change. Luckily, Cisco is even later, owning to his intensive morning hair care routine.

Cisco easily finds the elevator was hacked and goes to work just as Gypsy breaches in for a date! There is a cool moment where Iris and Caitlin whip their guns out, thinking there’s an intruder. #Girlsquad.

image: the CW

Somewhere else, some other rich guy is driving his expensive car, and a creepy guy stops him. The guy hacks the car to show a message saying ‘Kilg%re’, which spooks the driver, and sends the car speeding out of control. Barry chases the runaway car, but doesn’t listen to Iris’ directions and nearly leads the guy’s car speeding into a construction site. He dismantles the whole car before any accident occurs. Iris realises that if she and Barry are to work on Team Flash together, they have to work some things out, so she takes Caitlin’s advice – couples therapy.

The doctor is in

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It’s funny seeing Barry and Iris sitting in an office, trying to be entertained by the magazines and tabloids like a normal couple. One paper has a cover page about Oliver Queen’s Arrow identity being discovered.

Meanwhile, Caitlin realises the hacker is a meta, and Cisco’s geeky high school hobby pays off – he discovers elevator victim and rich driver were part of a programming team. Tech meta tries to kill rich driver again at CCPD – with Joe nearly being collateral damage. Barry speeds out of therapy and in true slo-mo matrix fashion, catches every fragment of the exploding grenade.

Sadly this leaves Cisco with more work to do, so he cancels his inter-dimensional date. He unknowingly upsets Gypsy, so Caitlin steps in and gives him girl advice. With all the love interests the show keeps throwing at her, it’s easy to forget that Caitlin once had a strong, serious relationship. (Tangent: with Victor Garber leaving Legends of Tomorrow eventually, can we get Robbie Amell back somehow?)

1 plus 1 equals…

Barry and Iris resume counselling. Iris is upset that Barry has been doing stuff without her input. Most of all, she was hurt that he didn’t seem to consider how she felt about him leaving.

Cisco identifies the meta as Deacon and figures he will attack all the other members of his programming team. Joe and Wally stake out the mansion of the third programmer. Rich driver confronts video game woman just as Deacon enters the house, and messes up the woman’s insulin pump. Wally speeds in to deliver medication, but Deacon kidnaps rich driver.

Cisco apologises to Gypsy, who reveals that it is 111 day, sort of Earth-19’s Valentines’ Day. Too bad they still have to put the date on hold. Deacon has recorded rich driver confessing that they played him out to make millions from the Kilgore software.

the flash and kid flash
image: the CW

Flash and Kid Flash race to save rich driver, but things go awry when Deacon finds all the tech Cisco put in Barry’s new suit. He manipulates Barry to shoot Wally with blasters ala Iron Man, inflates raft mode (what even, Cisco?) and deadlocks the suit so Barry can’t phase out. Then he activates the self-destruct protocol.

Faster than lightning

Rich driver inadvertently distracts Deacon, letting Barry run off and contact the team. Iris has a bold but very risky plan: Barry throwing a lightning at himself to fry the suit. Afterall, he doesn’t need it to be the Flash. I’m not sure it is possible by the laws of Physics to outrun a lightning bolt that you threw yourself, even on The Flash, but let’s not think about that. The important thing is, it worked!

In meta-prison, Barry questions how Deacon got his meta powers since he was not in Central City when the particle accelerator exploded. Deacon doesn’t answer, but reveals there are more metas who got their powers from another source. In his lair, Thinker tells his assistant to “find the others”.

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Did Thinker give the new metas their powers? If he did, why doesn’t he already know who and where they are? Let us know your theories by commenting below. You can also tweet us @Pure_Fandom and me, @ellenlakeHg, or comment on our Facebook page.

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