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‘Lucifer’: Top 7 Moments from Ep 3×03, “Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith”

Lucifer: Ep 3×03 “Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith” Aired October 16, 2017

She’s back!!!!! Mazikeen Smith has officially arrived for Season 3 and life is fan-friggin-tastic. The first two episodes were already hitting all the right beats, but young Trixie and Lucifer’s right-hand demon were sorely missed. This episode more than made up for what the first two episodes lacked. It was a change of pace from everything that we’ve seen before. Generally, the show does spotlight the supporting cast in one of the secondary storylines of an episode. However, this week Mazikeen Smith, bounty hunting extraordinaire and all-around badass was front and center. Read on for my top 7 moments of this amazing episode, but first, let’s just take a moment to admire this flawless lady below. Mazikeen Smith, people.

1) The Champ is Here!

This week, Mazikeen (thanks to Lucifer and Dr. Linda) decides that she needs the spark of a fresh challenge to help her fill those empty spaces that she’s feeling more than ever. She’s made a name for herself as one of the best bounty hunters out there. This week, she decides to stop away from Chloe’s Homicide Squad and chase down con artist and alleged murderer, Ben Rivers (Chris McKenna). The fugitive offers just the challenge Mazikeen was hoping for and damn was it entertaining watching these two spar verbally. I thought sparks were flying when Mazie was with Lt. Herrara, but this was something else for sure. Anyone who can turn the tables on our favorite demon is worthy of a second look or two, don’t you think?

2) Beware of Stowaways

Mazikeen’s new case takes her away from the palm trees and sunny Los Angeles days and to the furtherest reaches of Canada. She’s got her knives and other weapons of choice. Plus her favorite mini-sidekick decides that the bounty hunter needs backup. How in the world did she zip herself into that bag? Love this relationship! Mazie may not have a soul, but she’s not the demon she was.


3) Mr. and Mrs. Mom

Speaking of Canada. Lucifer and Chloe have very different ideas about Mazikeen’s latest adventure. Chloe fears for all of Canada and wonders if her friend has taken on more than she can handle this time. Plus she thinks Mazikeen is woefully underprepared to survive Canada’s harsher elements (she’s mostly right). The case of the week is our team acting as support from afar for Mazie. Lucifer has an entirely different approach…well until he starts to wonder if the demon has fallen for the charms of a conman (he’s right to be a little worried).


4) Definitely Not Winter Ready

Mazikeen definitely should have let Chloe pack a few things for our favorite demon. Especially given how much time she spent in the snow. That said, last week, the writers showed loved to their “Lucifans” and this week was a tribute of sorts to the show’s former filming home. Sure the show is now filmed in Los Angeles, but the last two seasons were all filmed in Vancouver. From the snow to the uber-“Canadian” lodge manager who Mazikeen ended up blackmailing, Canada was almost another character in the episode. Maybe Mazikeen Smith did need a little protection from Canada.

5) Dammit, Jim. I’m a Doctor…Wait Not that Kind

Yet again, Dr. Linda proves invaluable this episode. Not only is she an awesome drinking buddy who can ALMOST hang in there with a demon, but she’s a pretty good sport about her friend’s continually forgetting that she’s a therapist and not an ER doctor. Still, she knows the basics and has probably seen every episode of House and Greys Anatomy (the good seasons). Maze makes an SOS call to the good doctor when an assassin tries taking out her prisoner/flirting partner. Thanks to Dr. Linda, poor Ben gets knocked out, but he does survive that bullet wound. Even with Mazikeen’s less than gentle surgical hands and bedside manner.


6) Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith

Mazikeen got her flirt on quite a few times during the episode. There is something decadently sensual about the demon. She’s never been one to resist her deepest desires or use her sex appeal as yet another weapon. We see that earlier with Lieutenant Herrera and that poor Lodge manager who is very married and mostly resistant to Mazie’s temptation. There there’s Ben’s bubbleheaded girlfriend. Mazie gets the answers she wants and manages to squeeze in a quick hook-up. There was something different about Ben Rivers. Something about him that called to her. I was waiting for the reveal that he was a demon or another angel or something. He certainly seemed to know who Mazikeen was and at the end there was a file with Mazikeen name and the rest of our supernatural/human friends. Could Rivers be associated with Sinnerman? That’s a question for later I suppose. For now, let’s enjoy the homage to the Jolie-Pitt scene from Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Lesley-Ann Brandt posted that she had watched the scene for inspiration and boy did Brandt and McKenna killed that entire fight scene. It was hot and badass. No wonder Mazie has feels for this guy. He went toe-to-toe with her and was still one charming bastard.

7) Home is Where Her Soul Is…

Okay so technically Mazikeen doesn’t have a soul. I’m not cool with the idea that if she dies that’s it. No second chances or takebacks. As much as I enjoyed her time with Ben Rivers and am dying to see them again, I was very happy to see Mazie back home in Los Angeles with her parents Chloe, Lucifer, and the others. It’s been a joy watching as these characters all came together from their Season One beginnings and strengthened their bonds. Hopefully there will be plenty of time for romance with a certain conman another time. Especially with the reveal of that file and him teasing knowledge he shouldn’t have.


Honorable Mentions:

Soooo many other awesome moments from the episode. Poor Dan can’t catch a break. Last week he’s pelted with tomatoes and this week he has to give up his vacation or at least delay it, but how awesome was it to see him arrive with the save. Good thing that he didn’t see Mazikeen eating his pudding earlier in the episode. Especially after the way he hulked out last season. Also, Mazikeen being the amazing badass she is and taking on those assassins at the end of the episode. Lucifer and Chloe’s good cop/bad cop when Lucifer didn’t really have any idea what they were doing…well that’s most of the time. Lucifer and Chloe alternating between worrying about their friend. Lucifer and Dr. Linda catching Mazie’s act a tenderness towards Ben and Lucifer freaking out about it. Also, back in Ben’s room when the conman quips about Mazikeen bringing a knife to a gunfight. She certainly shut him up with her knife throwing skills. That dude was totally taken by our Mazie and I don’t blame him.


Such a GREAT episode. What did you think? What was your favorite moment? Tweet us at @Pure_Fandom or me personally @jenndeve. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments on the season so far.


Lucifer airs on Mondays at 8/7c

Photo Credit: Michael Courtney/FOX


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