5 Comic books that need to be TV shows

Right now, we live in a time where a lot of our movies or TV shows have a book or comic book as the source material. Most are from DC or Marvel, and as much as I love those, it’s time we give some original comic books a chance on the small screen. The list is subjective to comic books that I love and have a certain attachment too. Yes, they are all from Image Comics. Don’t judge me.

#1 Saga

Saga - Brian K Vaughn

First of all, a list like this can’t be started without Brian K Vaughan’s epic science fiction comic book series, Saga. Revolving around a galactic war with characters you fall in love with and become completely invested in. And don’t get me started on the star-crossed romance, because it’s absolutely brilliant. With so many characters and different storylines, it’s not hard to imagine a show that could rival Game of Thrones — not only in complexity and fans, but also in production cost. So HBO, since Game of Thrones is almost done, maybe look into this one?

#2 Wicked + Divine

Wicked and Divine - Kieron Gillen

Kieron Gillen has created a comic revolving around 12 gods that are reborn every 90 years, live for 2 years and then die. They captivate the people around them and live such explosive lives. The comic follows a human girl that comes into their lives and disrupts the routine. With twists and turns that leave you guessing, this beautifully drawn and rich story would make for such riveting TV. Also, with a diverse cast and mysterious pasts to explore, it could truly capture the audience.

#3 The Beauty

The Beauty - Jeremy Haun

Cop dramas are popular. Also, cop dramas will probably always be popular even in comic books. Jeremy Haun has created a compelling world where catching an STI is wanted and our culture revolves around it. “The Beauty” does exactly what it says on the tin but has a relatively unknown and deadly side effect. With spontaneous combustion and corporate drama, this high-stakes game would really make an interesting show to watch.

#4 Injection

Injection - Warren Ellis

The 21st century has been poisoned. Warren Ellis has created a world mixed between the tales of old and the technology of now. Five people were brought together to hypothesize about the future of the human race, and discovering the results created an unusual artificial intelligence by combining shamanistic magic and technology. Now disbanded, they are brought back together when what they create havoc drawn from mythology and superstition. The surrealistic aspect of this story used in a show could create a dreamlike story that has you questioning what the truth is. Just imagining what the world might look like is awesome!

#5 Paper Girls

Paper Girls - Brian K. Vaughn

Here’s another comic book created and written by Brian K Vaughan on this list. What can I say? I’m a fan of his comic books, and I really adore how he writes his stories. Four paper girls in the 1980’s get taken into the future by a mysterious machine in a basement. This fantasy-like science fiction story deals with a future that looks nothing like what we would imagine. It also incorporates the terrible aspects of the eras we glamorize so much. The future is what we make of it, but it’s almost never what you expect or plan it to be. Personally, I just want to watch them kick ass and be amazing on the screen.

What comic books do you think should be TV shows? Chime in below or find us on twitter – @Pure_Fandom and @azuraai

(Featured image via Image Comics)


Hilda Oleghi

Hilda is a writer with a bit of an obsession with fantasy and science fiction. When she isn't reading or writing, she can be found obsessing over tv shows/books/ comics online. With a great love for 'Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency', 'Stranger Things', 'Once Upon a Time' and much more shows. She adores her superhero comics but has a special place in her heart for comics published by Image.

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