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‘Supergirl’ recap: 3×02 “Triggers”

Supergirl recap: Season 3, Episode 2, “Triggers” Aired October 17, 2017.

Superfans, welcome back. Last night’s episode of Supergirl revealed Kara’s innermost fears. How? Check it out.

Hello, Psi!


I would have to say, this week’s villain, may be my favorite new baddie! Psi, played by Jane the Virgin’s Yael Grobglas was fantastic. Yael’s character is a meta human with psychic abilities. Psi makes people’s fear rise to the surface and manifest.

This villain catches Supergirl off guard the entire episode. J’onn loses a psychic battle with her. Jeez, J’onn work on your game! 

Welcome, Ms. Luthor.


While Supergirl is handling Psi, Kara is handling Lena Luthor as her new boss. At the beginning of the episode Kara is giving her gifts. In the middle of the episode the two are at each other’s throats. Lena puts a stop to it.

  • Kara declines an assignment Lena gives her.
  • Danvers misses a work meeting.
  • Ms. Luthor confronts her.  Kara is mean to her.
  • Lena puts Kara in her place and calls her out on her behavior. I would like to thank her for calling Danvers out on her nonsense!

I think we all needed Lena to put Kara in her place. Last week Alex did. This week was Lena. Who’s next, Winn? I don’t know about you, but I am over moody Kara!

Reign’s family drama

Hero’s Vue

A new dynamic is introduced in this episode, Sam and her daughter Ruby. I have to say I am on board with this. The writers seem to be taking a different approach to this season’s villain. We get to watch Sam evolve from a wonderful Mother, to eventually a psychotic villain.

I am curious as to how they are going to get there by the end of the season. Quite honestly, I don’t even think I want them to. Sam is a really endearing character.

Her daughter Ruby is obsessed with the concept that her Mom might have superpowers. She puts her self in Psi’s crosshairs just to prove it. Nothing happens however, they are saved by Supergirl at the last minute.

Wedding blues


#Sanvers fans, I know what you are thinking. Last night’s episode was not a good sign. You are correct. The producers of the show informed us over the Summer that Floriana Lima, Maggie, will only be a recurring character this year.

Last year she was a series regular. We had an inkling trouble would arise before their wedding. We got our first view of it tonight. Maggie doesn’t see herself having kids and Alex does. Basically the writers are tugging our heart strings!


Last night a few revelations were uncovered.

  • James does not like Lena being in charge.
  • Lena and Kara have to work on their work relationship.
  • Alex and Maggie need to have a serious chat.
  • M’gann needs help on Mars.
  • Kara is afraid Mon-El is dead.

These revelations are sure to play out over the next few weeks. Which ones are you most interested in? Are you fearful of #Sanvers as I am? When will Kara get over Mon-El’s departure? Tune in next week!

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. Check out Pure Fandom’s new podcast, SuperTalk, and tune in each week for my recaps.

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