‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 3 finale recap: 3×15 “Things Bad Begun” & 3×16 “Sleigh Ride”

Fear the Walking Dead recap: Season 3, Episode 15, “Things Bad Begun,” & Episode 16, “Sleigh Ride,” Aired Oct 15, 2017

Season three of Fear the Walking Dead is officially in the books. Who lived and who died? That might not be as clear as we hoped. In typical TV fashion, viewers are left wondering who survives as the two-hour season finale ends on a cliffhanger. There was still plenty of action so for the last time this season, let’s dive right in.

Biggest takeaways from 3×15:

ftwd season 3 finale daniel

Dam in danger. Remember the mysterious deal Strand was making with Proctor John? Turns out Strand was helping him and his men take over the dam. Nick and Troy overhear the plans at the Trading Post and head to the dam to warn Madison and the others. Daniel still doesn’t fully trust the group but declares that they will put up a fight. Daniel also gives the newest members the freedom to leave so Walker and Crazy Dog head out with plans to travel north.

Revelations. Daniel has notably had experience in interrogating over the years and Nick becomes his latest target. Since Troy’s arrival, Daniel has been very wary in trusting him. He has a feeling that Troy is responsible in leading the horde right to the ranch which in turn got his daughter Ofelia killed. Daniel tries to get the truth out of Nick who lies by claiming that Jake was to blame but Daniel knows better.

Goodbye Troy. Nick then goes to Madison and Troy where he reveals that he spilled the beans about the ranch which Madison had yet to learn. Sick of his behavior, Madison kills Troy after giving him countless opportunities to redeem himself. The revelation about Strand’s double-crossing also comes out. In the altercation, Strand shoots Daniel but he lives so he takes refuge with Lola.

ftwd season 3 finale alicia

The Proctors. Alicia is with her new friend on the way to the Trading Post when a group of men ambush them. While fighting them off, the friend gets seriously injured requiring Alicia to find extra help. The youngest Clark finds herself in the midst of a new group, the Proctors. Proctor John turns out to be the leader and forces Alicia into an assistant role for the group including serving as a nurse for a surgery to remove a tumor on his spine which has prevented him from walking. Alicia’s survival also depends on the success of the surgery but thankfully for her, it works. Now, she must accompany the men on their new mission – you guessed it – to take over the dam.

Biggest takeaways from 3×16:

ftwd season 3 finale strand

Stuck in the middle. Both Strand and Alicia find themselves in unfortunate situations as they are stuck in the middle of both groups. Strand is trying to let the Proctors take over the dam without his friends getting killed. Alicia is trying to serve Proctor John in the hopes he will spare her family’s life even if that means continuing on his missions. Proctor John sees right through Strand’s moves and decides he won’t spare the Clarks’ lives which sets up a standoff on the top of the dam.

Nick’s final move. Proctor John declares Nick as the first victim but Nick has a final play for his last effort to save his family. He took the detonator from Strand and tells the Proctors to let his mom and sister go. Nick claims that the move is his suicide note as he has no plans on saving his own life as he plans to blow up the dam. The face off between Nick and Proctor John gives Alicia, Madison, and Strand time to hop on a boat to get away.

The collapse. Walker and Crazy Dog help matters as they shoot members of the Proctors with a sniper from atop a mountainside. During the altercation, Nick detonates the explosives which crumbles the dam and leaves water surging through the other side. Proctor John and some of the men try to get away while Nick and Daniel stand as it crumbles, all their fates are unknown. The boat doesn’t get far enough as the surge of water sucks Alicia, Madison, and Strand through the dam wall.

ftwd season 3 finale christmas

Christmas visions. Throughout the extended finale, Madison has strange Christmas-related dream sequences stemming from a conversation  with Strand about holiday traditions. In one, she sees a grave for Alicia as Nick and Luciana come to visit with a baby but refuse to acknowledge Madison. In another, she is hosting the Otto family alongside Walker, Daniel, and Strand. Everything looks perfect until Jeremiah’s severed head appears on the platter.

Madison’s fight for survival. The visions she is encountering come from the guilt she feels over her actions that may have affected her family. They are occurring while she is drowning in the water until she has a vision of Travis. He extends his arms in the vision which causes her to open her eyes and swim to safety. For now, Madison is the only confirmed survivor…

There is a lot to speculate over while we await season four of Fear the Walking Dead. As production for the upcoming season gets underway, there will undoubtedly be indications of who is returning. Don’t forget, we also have the return of The Walking Dead and a crossover on the horizon!

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