‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ season premiere recap: 2×01 “Space Rabbit”

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency season premiere recap: Season 2, Episode 1,”Space Rabbit”, Aired Oct. 14th, 2017

Have you noticed an accelerated strangeness in your life? Cause Dirk Gently is back on the air.

While the first season played as a science fiction adventure, the creator/showrunner Max Landis had made no secret that the second one is all about fantasy. As someone who loves both science fiction and fantasy, I am basically screaming for joy.

The first season left us with everything going wrong for almost everybody. Except for Friedkin, who is evil and very incompetent. Dirk is taken away by Blackwing. Todd has parabilitus. Amanda is escaping with Vogel, while the rest of the Rowdy 3 fight the CIA. Bart and Ken are surrounded by CIA. It really made waiting for season 2 torturous but the wait is now over.

The New Guys

We don’t jump straight into finding out what happened to our heroes, but rather we meet the new cast of this season, or at least three of them. First, Panto Trost, with amazing cheekbones and awesome pink hair. I love him already. Then there’s Silas Dengdamor, the prince that really only says like three lines but they are amazing. Panto and Silas are already my OTP!

Suzie is a hurt, overworked, and under-appreciated mother who deserves better. She probably didn’t ask to be dragged into any of this, and The Mage is a lunatic. 

Sherlock Hobbs is a small town Sheriff/tow truck driver that means well, but at this point in time, I’m pretty sure he can’t solve his way out of a paper bag. They have all made quite an impression and it’s building to be a very exciting season.

The Other Guys

It’s been two months and they really drive in how everything sucks for all of them. Dirk Gently is being tested by Blackwing, or you know, tortured. Same with Ken. Friedkin is literally the worst at everything. The shapeshifting girl with the glowing green eyes has the most useful and freaky power possible. Dirk also knows more of the Blackwing projects than expected.

Furthermore, Todd and Farah are on the road, running from every law enforcement agency in the USA. Succeeding at it too because Farah is amazing and apparently has a brother who works for the FBI. Todd is holding hard onto the belief that finding Dirk and saving him will help him find Amanda and fix everything.

Burt is riding a bike…? Probably trying to find Ken and murdering people again.

Also, Vogel and Amanda are trying to follow her visions to find the rest of the Rowdy 3, and it’s all very convoluted and confusing.

It’s All Connected

This show is all about the buildup and connecting every story-line together so that it makes some sort of sense by the end of the season. It’s hard to truly say where the story is going, and as much as I love this show, I felt a little hit in the head with all the information they were trying to cram in. Hopefully, as the season continues, the show evens out and won’t leave us anxious through the whole episode.


  • Burt is still amazing and fighting the universe a little
  • All the characters, old and new, are amazing
  • The costumes and sets of this show are truly beautiful
  • Huge scissors as weapons


  • Not enough Burt, Ken, Amanda, and the Rowdy 3
  • Friedkin is still terrible
  • I can’t binge watch the whole season at once

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(Featured image credit: Ed Araquel/AMC)


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