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‘Outlander’: Top 7 Moments from Ep 3×05, “Freedom and Whisky”

Outlander: Ep 3×05 “Freedom and Whisky” Aired October 8, 2017

I recently had a chance to revisit the first five episodes of this season with Susan Monk over at Geek Girl Soup. We chatted about our favorite moments so far this season and new fall shows we are enjoying. Clearly, “Freedom & Whisky” left us both in a very happy place for obvious reasons. Claire finally made the trip back through the stones and has reunited with her lost love. It looks like we have an entire extra week before we find out what happens next.

IKR! It isn’t ideal, but at least we only have an extra week to wait for Jamie and Claire’s reunion in full. I’m just grateful that they didn’t make us wait for that glorious ending that we were treated to in 3×05, “Freedom & Whisky”. I have honestly lost count of the number of times that I’ve watched that scene. So until we pick up with next week’s all-new episode, read on for my top 7 moments from episode 3×05.


1) It FINALLY happened at the Print Shop!!

Why beat around the bush when clearly the best moment of this episode and the season so far was seeing Claire step off that stagecoach in back into the timeline where her beloved Jamie Fraser is just a short walk away. I watched this episode hoping that we’d get this to the moment and then sweating bullets as more and more time passed and she looked no closer to actually taking the journey. Then I wondered how we’d have time for her to get the plane and then go through the stones. Clearly, I forgot that I was watching a tv show. They handled it beautifully with the story of the puddle and we almost get to watch Claire fall through time. This time is at peace with the whole thing, just as she told Bree. It felt like a homecoming of sorts. Then she was there. Her hand caressing the name “A Malcolm” on that sign or then inside the print shop. Is that you Geordie? Oh, his voice. How she must have felt FINALLY hearing that sound after all these years. Taking those final steps and then there he is. Jamie for his part stiffens at the sound of Claire’s voice and the look on that man’s face when he finally sees her is everything. She literally leaves him weak in the knees and…faint. I suppose I might swoon too given the situation. What a moment. Hell yea, this wins top honors for best moment of the season.


2) The Other Love of Her Life

Since discovering the truth about her parents’ past and her own genes, Bree and Claire’s relationship has been rocky to say the least. After their return from Scotland, Bree decides to quit school and move away from home. She’s confused about what the new truth mean and how the knowledge of her two dads could redefine who she considers herself as a person. There was nothing more gratifying than the moment when Bree reveals her feelings of guilt that Claire lost Jamie because of her, and having Claire leave no room for doubt exactly what her daughter means to her. How wonderful was it to see Bree make the sacrifice now to lose the only living relative she has so that Claire might have the chance to see Jamie again. Then Bree’s realization that she’s more like her mother than either of her fathers. Oh, my heart!!!

3) Romance (Un)Interrupted

Claire abandoning the search for Jamie was hard enough, but the Randall ladies leaving put a very premature pause on Roger and Bree’s sweet new romance. Several months pass, but thankfully our favorite historian decides that he wants to enjoy an American Christmas. Oh and he brings some vital information that we’ve all been waiting for …proof of Jamie’s last known location. Their trip that bar months before now makes total sense. Claire planting the seeds of “Freedom and Whisky” and Jamie quoting a poem that had yet to be written. Poor Roger shows up at the not most opportune moment and walks right into a blowout argument between mother and daughter. Throughout the emotional episode, Roger acts as support for both ladies and he clearly has his heart in his eyes when he looks at Brianna. So, I’m more than certain that though Claire is leaving her daughter behind, Bree definitely isn’t alone in the world.

4) Dark Shadows and Lobster Rolls

Roger is the MOST adorable. Well, not Fergus adorable, but “grown and sexy” level adorable. There he was just hanging out on Claire’s couch watching Dark Shadows and sharing his excitement with Bree that he’ll finally have the chance to experience his first American Christmas. He also confides his hope to try the very New England treats of lobster rolls and Boston Creme pie. His needs are simple. There’s something child-like and wonderful about even the way he says it. The very sweet moment arrives for Bree and Robert at the end of the episode when Bree shakes off her tears and brings that plate of rolls and pie for her guy to enjoy. He gifts her with a copy of “A Christmas Carol” and man they’re just too sweet together.

5) Preparation is key

After Bree and Claire come to terms, it’s time to get Claire ready for her journey back through the stones. Claire intends to take everything she could possibly need. There’s the awesome sequence when she’s piecing together her “batsuit” outfit. It’s highly appropriate given the show is now in the 1960s and Adam West is a thing at that point. Claire smuggles the supplies that she deems most helpful from the hospital, while Bree and Roger gift her with items like 18th-century currency. Claire’s new outfit is practical for its many hidden pockets and raincoat material, but it’s also pretty damn stylin’.

6) Friendship Goals

Besides her relationship with Bree and Roger, I will absolutely miss seeing the tight kin-ship she’s built with Joe Abernathy over the years. They bonded way back in medical school and have been tight in the 15 years since. Claire feels comfortable confiding some pretty tough truths to Joe. I almost wish we knew more about him. Granted, most of the season I’ve just been desperate for Claire to get back to the past. Now I wish we knew more about her partner. Besides the fact that he’s married (hello, wedding ring) and he receives old bones of murder victims from his friends. Loved seeing Joe tell her that they all knew that she and Frank weren’t the happiest of couples. He encourages her to go after what she wants now since she’s been living a “half-life” over the past 15 years. Claire goes to Joe because she trusts his opinion. She’s afraid that she’s lost her looks over the years. Joe assures her that she’s pretty enough for a “white girl with big hair and a cute butt”. Yes! She still hits the grays with a touch of Clairol before her journey. I will miss Joe and hope that maybe if we’re still seeing Bree and Roger that he’ll maybe unofficially adopt young Miss Randall (Fraser).

7) All the feels!!

This episode ran us through all of those crazy feels. Granted, I watched the first time feeling mostly impatient. I knew that we would be getting a super short hiatus until Oct 22nd and there was just no way that they’d leave us hanging without Jamie and Claire reuniting. Thankfully, that wasn’t a thing. Claire and Bree made me cry with their goodbyes. Roger and Bree tugged on my heartstrings with their new love. Frank’s sidepiece, Candy…Sandy whatever…made me want to cut a bish. Claire made it more than clear that she would give Frank the divorce he wanted and she wouldn’t cut him off from Brianna. I believe that. I really wish Bree had been close enough to hear and that she could’ve told Miss Thang a little something about herself. Seeing Claire step into the 18th-century was perfect. In the end, I felt a little like Claire (over the moon) and ready to swoon right with Jamie.

Yup, a whole extra week to go and then we’ll be back in the 18th-century watching the long-awaiting extra long reunion (extended episode! Hells yes!). Until then, what was your favorite part of Ep 3×05, “Freedom & Whisky”? Tweet us at @Pure_Fandom or me personally @jenndeve. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments on the season so far.

Outlander airs on Sundays at 8/7c

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