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‘Lucifer’: Top 7 Moments from Ep 3×02, “The One With the Baby Carrot”

Lucifer: Ep 3×02 “The One With the Baby Carrot” Aired October 9, 2017

Equal parts sexy and hilarious, two episodes into season three and the show is as delightful as ever. Sure we missed seeing our badass Mazikeen in action, but the actress was on maternity leave. She’ll be back for tomorrow’s all-new episode 3×03, “Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith”. We can’t wait to see her back in action. Until then, let’s revisit some of our favorite moments from the most recent episode, “The One With the Baby Carrot”.

1) LuciFans Shoutout

The show’s crew and actors are very active on social media and responsive to the fanbase. How cool was it this week when the show went meta for a just a moment with a wink to the show’s dedicated “Lucifans.” Lucifer and Chloe were in the midst of interrogating a murder suspect when the comedian mentions groupies. Lucifer decides that he’s in need of a term for his many fans. That devilish smile is everything as he first considers “Devil Bunnies” as a possibility, but then he settles on “Lucifans.” Perfect.

2) Therapy Sessions with Dr. Linda

Lucifer’s therapy sessions are always enlightening. Her expert probing has led to both personal and professional insights over the seasons. However, it was kinda perfect to see Lucifer take the focus off of himself for just a moment when it became apparent that the good doctor was still feeling the physical pain from her last encounter with Lucifer’s mum. Dr. Linda has become the unofficial therapist for almost all of the supernaturals on this show. So it was great to see someone worried on her behalf. Especially with her bff, Mazikeen, off-screen doing her bounty hunter gig.

3) Fangirl down!!

Ella is always a pleasure to watch. This week we learned that she is obsessed with Bobby Lowe and his comedy show. When it looks like Lowe might be their prime suspect for murder and comedic bit thievery, Ella is beside herself. She takes a stand and defends her comedy hero to Lucifer and Chloe. That all changes when Lowe admits that he really did steal all of his material from the dead comedian. He didn’t murder that guy, though. It’s so Ella to be a mega-fan of a puppet show that traffics in dick jokes.


4) Speaking of Baby Carrots

Chloe tries to keep a straight face and fails when she has to clue Lucifer in on the potential motive for this week’s murder. The perpetrator did not like his “baby carrot” being the butt of the comedian’s jokes. Of course, that’s not the true motive for the actual killer, but damn was it entertaining watching Lucifer taking this joke and running with it. First during that scene between at the station between Chloe and Lucifer. Then he takes it to a whole other level when Dan goes undercover at that club.

5) Rotten Tomatoes

Well, at least those weren’t rotten tomatoes that Lucifer was hurling at poor Dan in the middle of his bombed comedy act. Dan is great at improv, but it’s a good thing Pierce didn’t see the Detective undercover as a comedian. The man already thinks Dan is inept. Dan was supposed to be telling jokes about “baby carrots,” but his routine stunk to high heaven. Enter heckling Lucifer with his bowl of tomatoes and defense of men with less than impressive packages. If the offended killer didn’t go after Dan, maybe he would stop by to thank Lucifer for the defense. It worked. And it was highly entertaining. How the devil does he come up with these shenanigans.

6) Angel Wing Dumpster Fires are a thing!

With Mazikeen MIA, Dr. Linda took the opportunity to spend time with her former colleague (when he was pretending to be a therapist to spy on Luci) and thank him for helping save her life. She decided to help him with his important task of ensuring that the celestial evidence of Lucifer’s “manscaping” isn’t found by anyone who might be lurking in Lucifer’s penthouse. You know, like a Lucifan spending the night or Lieutenant Pierce who we later see waiting for Lucifer when he arrives home. Good work, Amenadiel. The task of burning the wings is hard for Amenadiel who as it turns out, has not gotten his powers or wings back. After his time with Dr. Linda, the fallen angel realizes that he is being tested by his father, but not in the way that he initially believed. He hates the way his brother treats the “blessing” of his returned wings, but Amenadiel realizes that it’s not about the wings. His personal test is about Lucifer. It always has been. Later, Dr. Linda tries to talk to Lucifer about his self-mutilation and how it’s not really working. She doesn’t clue the angel into the fact that his actions are hurting his brother. Thankfully, she doesn’t have to make that revelation before Lucifer agrees that his “manscaping” has been pointless since they just grow back.


7) Boo!

Lucifer and Chloe are on the hunt for a killer when Lucifer thinks it is the perfect moment to try scaring Chloe with a clown mask. Really, Lucifer? He definitely deserved the timeout that she gave him. Still, Lucifer managed to still get his man…or woman. He may have lost his “devil” face, but Lucifer is still creepy good at instilling fear into the hearts of murders when confronted with this devil. As for Chloe and that mask. How will she react when she does see Lucifer’s true face? Something like this? I’m sure we’ll definitely find out some time this season.


Honorable Mentions:

We may not have seen Mazikeen, but we got that cool scene with Lucifer on the phone with her earlier in the episode and her pretending the phone connection was failing. Plus Linda mentions that she thinks Mazikeen has been avoiding her. Other cool moments? Chloe telling Lucifer to ix-nay with the “Sinnerman” talk around Pierce and the Lieutenant overhearing and then bringing up Nina Simone. Perfect and makes me want to go back to listen to Lucifer’s cover of Simone’s “Sinnerman”. Also,  the look on Linda’s face when Lucifer random mentions punching some woman in the face and not mentioning that she was the killer they’d been looking for. Then there was the look on Lucifer’s face when he accidentally discovers the gun someone left in that puppet. The puppet he’s pointing at Bobby Lowe during the taping of that show. Oops.


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Lucifer airs on Mondays at 8/7c

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