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‘Jane the Virgin’ Season 4 Premiere Review: “Chapter Sixty-Five”

Jane the Virgin Season 4 Premiere Recap: 4×01 “Chapter Sixty-Five” aired Oct. 13, 2017

Jane, Xo, Abuela, Rafael and the whole gang is back and we couldn’t be happier! Grab a grilled cheese and let’s discuss!

If you recall, at the end of Season 3, things were getting really complicated between Jane, Rafael and Petra. Raf and Petra were finally giving things a real chance, but Jane was starting to have feelings for her baby daddy again. She also tracked down her letter from Michael and – for an added dose of drama – her first love, Adam (Tyler Posey) had it! The season ended in a flurry of paper cranes and questions, which brings us to the Season 4 premiere! Let’s break it down!



Season 4 started with a dual narration and it was excellent. Jane is the hero of our story, but Adam is the hero of his! The show opened with ‘Adam, the Virgo’ and he even had his own Narrator! The narration is always hilarious, but having both Narrators fighting for screen time for their respective heroes was delightful! It also gave us even more insight into Adam’s character.

Meant to be?

Okay, we are saying this as Michael lovers and Rafael lovers – but doesn’t it seem like they are setting things up for a Adam/Jane happily ever after? Jane is a writer and Adam is an artist, making them super complimentary. He was able to get her to lower her shields immediately and we love that. He has that bad boy vibe, but without the incredibly scary baggage of Rafael and his crazy fam. He also wrote the love cue that is used on the show for crying out loud! He will have to work to get the approval of Xo and Abuela, but with time, they will love him like we do! Adam just might be the guy that Jane needs and we kinda can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.


Sibling drama

Okay, we get why this is still a thing, but the sister swapping drama is getting a little old. Hopefully Season 4 will give Anezka and Luisa something else to do besides tormenting their siblings.

Rafael and Jane

Oh, these two. This episode did an amazing job of taking us through Jane’s emotional roller coaster right along with her. We swooned for Rafael, we cheered her on when she almost got into the shower, but we also got super annoyed with him when Jane did. Also, Raf – that shower/note/wine glass thing was a total mixed message, buddy. We are #TeamJane on that fight – for sure!


Rafael and Petra

Even though part of us really wanted to see Jane find love with Rafael, it was hard not to be happy for Raf and Petra in the stairwell. After everything Petra has been through, she deserves to be happy too.

Xo, Ro and the Baby Mama Drama

Xo is handling this pregnancy news with such grace and composure. Her new hubby is doing the total and complete opposite. Darci and Rogelio are living out a real life soap opera on their social media accounts when they should just be focused on their baby. Xo sees that and convinces Rogelio to make things right with Darci, which is good – but we secretly love the mind games these two play with each other. It should also be noted that this episode really speaks to Xiomara’s growth as a character. In season’s past, she would have flipped in this situation but instead, she was the sensible one!


What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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