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‘Supernatural’ Season 13 premiere recap: 13×01 “Lost and Found”

Supernatural season 13 premiere recap: Season 13, Episode 1, “Lost and Found,” Aired Thursday, October 12, 2017

The boys are back! Tonight marks the beginning of lucky number 13 for the Winchester boys. Let’s dive straight in.

The Road So Far…

Lost and Found

As per usual, we get the recap at the beginning reminding us where we are. Kelly is dead. Castiel is dead. Crowley is dead. Mary and Lucifer are locked away in an alternate universe. Jack, Lucifer’s son, is a fully grown 18 year old. Great! So we see Sam walk in on Jack. He tries to approach him slowly, and Jack is all about finding his father. Dean ends up shooting him and we learn that the nephilim has some powers that he doesn’t seem to be completely in control of yet. Then, he runs away.

Baby’s Day Out

Lost and Found
The CW

After he runs away, Jack continues to look for his father. Oh, did I mention that he is completely naked? Anyway, he finds the local burger joint and tries to ask the drive through speaker if his father is there. The kid working at the burger place is the sheriff’s son, and calls his mom.

She then dresses Jack, and tries to get information out of him. All he really seems to know is his name, his mom is in heaven, and he can’t find his dad. She takes his fingerprint, which is…unique. It’s adorable how his sense of being lost reminds us of when a certain other angel was getting acclimated to earth.

Jack makes friends with the sheriff’s son. Unfortunately, he starts catching bits of angel radio and it causes him to have an unintentional power surge. The boys seem to show up at just the right time, and get him locked in a cell.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Lost and Found

So, we’ve all been enjoying this show for 13 years now. THIRTEEN YEARS! After all of that time, NOW Dean decides to cut through the bull and just open with the truth. He makes absolutely no attempt to sell this sheriff anything but the truth. I don’t know if he just assumed she would be more willing to listen, or if it means he has just stopped trying. I guess we’ll see if the pattern continues in later episodes.

Also, back in the cell, we find out that Jack has disowned Lucifer already. He has really been looking for Castiel all this time, and claims him as his father. Sadly, Sam has to inform him that he is dead.

Angel’s in the Outfield

Lost and Found

While all of this has been going on, there have been some angels looking for Jack. They do a, what I consider disrespectful, glance at Castiel’s dead body and move on. Later, they meet up with a friend of theirs (who we saw talking to Dean earlier, but we overlooked her as some drunk girl). They all join up and go to the police station to try to take Jack and kill him – nephilims are abominations after all. After learning that an angel blade will not work on Jack, our team wins and Jack’s new friend gets rushed to hospital after being caught in the crossfires.

Unanswered Prayers

Lost and Found
Films and Coke

Through flashbacks to an earlier point in the episode, we find out that Dean actually tried praying to Chuck. He was desperate for God to bring Cas back, like he has so many times before. Unfortunately, his prayers go unanswered, Dean punches a wall repeatedly, and we worry that he is going to go through another crisis of faith this season.

Apocalypse Nowish…

Lost and Found

We get to see a bit of Mary and Lucifer in their new universe. Lucy makes some quips about how she will never outrun him because he can fly. Then, it seems like he is going to kill her quickly. At the last second, he stops. He is under the impression that he may need her for them to make it to their original universe, and he might not be wrong. However, I am very interested to see how this dynamic develops over the course of the season.

Blaze of Glory

Lost and Found

Dean agrees to take Jack with them back to the bunker. But before they can go back, they have one more order of business: they have to burn Crowley, Kelly, and Castiel’s bodies. Sam teaches Jack how to give a proper eulogy, and Dean sets the fire and just watches with all-consuming grief.

This is probably the most broken we have ever seen our favorite brothers. I’m not quite sure how, or if they can, go about mending their wounds. We will just have to keep watching and find out.

What did you think of the Season 13 premiere? Hit the comments and check out our personal MOL bunker for more Supernatural news!

Supernatural airs Thursday, October 12, 2017, at 8/7PM CST on The CW.

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