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‘Lore’ terrifies New York Comic Con with creepy museum experience

If you attended New York Comic Con this past weekend, you know that it was hard to go far without seeing mentions of Amazon’s new series, Lore. Based on the podcast of the same name, Lore follows the stories behind some the most well known horror movie tropes out there.

We hit up the panel and the activation, and here’s what we learned:

The Panel

Lore is an anthology

For those of you who don’t know, Lore will feature a different story each episode, rather than a continuous narrative. Along with the changing stories comes a changing cast – yes, this means that Teen Wolf‘s Holland Roden is only in one episode of the series.

Lore will be a mix of different types of media

Lore uniquely combines podcast storytelling with television visuals, in a style that is not quite fiction or non-fiction, but straddles the line between the two. It will tell fictionalized true stories, with historical narration interspersed, for background and detail.

It’s going to be seriously terrifying

Seriously. The Lore panel quickly turned into a discussion about lobotomies, possessed dolls, and the torture of young children. Beware – this isn’t your garden-variety horror show, this stuff is real.

The Activation

If we had any doubt about Lore after the panel, those thoughts were quickly remedied in The Museum of Lore. The “Museum” was a haunted house of sorts right by the entry to the convention. Don’t let the outside fool you – behind the beautiful vine-covered walls lay a whole lot of creepy!

NVE The Experience Agency

At The Museum of Lore, all guests must knock. After the first door is opened, guests are introduced to Robert, the doll – who you must ask permission before photographing.

NVE The Experience Agency

After it’s time to leave – which Robert will not be shy to mention – visitors head to the second door. After knocking, we were welcomed into a room with a large mirror and many framed photographs. In this room, NYCC attendees watched in horror as their names appeared engraved in the mirror.

NVE The Experience Agency

Behind the last door, there was a large table waiting. Covered in food and drink, it hardly seemed scary at first. That is, until the host invited visitors to have a seat. There was something so menacing about him that the room suddenly felt terrifying.

NVE The Experience Agency

The Museum of Lore was by far the scariest exhibit we’ve ever seen, and we really hesitate to even call it a museum. It truly was an experience. Check out our exclusive video walkthroughs below – but be warned, we didn’t ask Robert before we started filming!

Lore began streaming today, Friday the 13th, on Amazon Video!

Head here for more Lore, and here for more from NYCC!

(Featured image via NVE The Experience Agency)


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