The 7 best moments from ‘The Gifted’ episode 1×02, “rX”

The Gifted recap: Season 1, Episode 2, “rX,” Aired Oct. 9, 2017

Let’s break down the 7 best moments from the second episode of FOX’s new series, The Gifted.

#1. Family Flashback

The episode opened with the Strucker’s at the bowling alley. Even Grandma (Sharon Gless) was in tow for family time. The Strucker’s had a strong bond before the mutant gene was discovered and we think this look-back is to show that. They’re a tight-knit family, so having their husband/father taken into custody by Sentinel Services is hard. Immediately, Kate (Amy Acker) vows that they will get Reed (Stephen Moyer) back and help everyone else in the process.

The Gifted
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#2. Polaris

Polaris (Emma Dumont) is transferred to a new prison complete with a shock collar. She immediately tries to use her abilities and is almost knocked unconscious when she hits her head on the toilet in her cell. Polaris is soon tested when other inmates target her. She attempts to fight back, this girl is not scared of anything, but the attempt is futile. She’s kicked in the stomach and put in the hole. The hole is even more terrifying to Polaris than anything else she’s dealing with. We also get the first look at her green hair now that the dye has washed out in the prison shower.

#3. Blink’s powers go on the fritz

Blink (Jamie Chung) had to use an incredible amount of power to teleport everyone to safety. Doing so has wiped her out and caused her powers to act at random. This immediately puts everyone at risk when portals start opening everywhere. Kate is a nurse and thinks she knows how to help her but they have to get the medication to do so. Once she has the medicine, she’s back to normal but not before almost destroying the underground haven.

The Gifted
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#4. Kate is a badass

Kate leaves her children and heads to the hospital with Eclipse (Sean Teale). He was shot when they were trying to escape from Sentinel Services so this gives them the “in” they need at the mutant hospital. Kate and Eclipse pretend to be a couple. When Eclipse is being seen by the doctor, Kate creeps away to steal the medication that Blink needs. The doctor, suspecting a domestic situation, calls the police. Kate and Eclipse barely escape and make it back just in time to help Eclipse.

#5. Sibling power

It’s pretty clear that Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Andy’s (Percy Hynes White) abilities are going to be fun to watch develop this season. Lauren is able to close the portals that Blink is opening. They soon overpower her too and Andy is able to help out as well. Lauren being able to close these portals is even impressive to Thunderbird (Blair Redford) and he seems like a guy that’s hard to impress. The siblings may be in trouble soon. They’ve gotten on the radar of Dr. Roderick Campbell (Garret Dillahunt), contracted by Sentinel Services, and he has heard of mutant siblings before. He wants them apprehended and brought to him. This can’t be good.

The Gifted
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#6. Reed stands his ground

Reed isn’t going to flip on his family just to please Agent Hottie, we mean Turner (Coby Bell). He’s firm in asking for a lawyer, which is repeatedly denied. Well maybe not denied, but he never receives a lawyer.  Agent Turner thinks of a way to get Reed to cooperate and brings his mom in. Reed trying to figure out why his mother is there continues to ask for counsel. Considering that this man is a Federal prosecutor, it’s unclear what Turner is trying to prove by not getting his lawyer. Reed finally agrees to cooperate “if” Turner agrees that his family goes free. Will he really turn on the underground? They’re the ones keeping his family safe. Hopefully, he’s bluffing.

#7. It’s all relative

Another solid episode for Matt Nix and the crew of The Gifted. They’re staying true to their Marvel roots while exploring new territory. The special effects are insane in this show. Everyone is safe for now, but next week brings new issues and new problems for everyone. How long can they really stay safe? Will they bring Reed and Polaris home before they’re discovered? We’re betting they will, or they will die trying.

The Gifted
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The Gifted airs Monday at 9/8c on FOX

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