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‘The Blacklist’ recap: 5×03 “Miss Rebecca Thrall”

‘The Blacklist’ recap: 5×03 “Miss Rebecca Thrall”


The Blacklist recap: Season 5, Episode 3, “Miss Rebecca Thrall,” Aired Oct. 11, 2017

“Don’t forget the pickle bites.”

Our Blacklister of the week is Miss Rebecca Thrall (Number 76 on Red’s list). The episode begins with a young cop, McGinnis, gunning down a junkie, Stansbury, and placing a gun in his hand. His captain tells him to get a lawyer. Next, we see him with Miss Thrall.

Thrall Kill

Red meets with Liz about Officer McGinnis and she presents the case to the task force. Liz knows that McGinnis is dirty after just a few minutes of interviewing him. In the meantime, Rebecca Thrall is in her sex dungeon with her gimp. Thrall is representing Stansbury’s parents in a suit against the city and Liz and Ressler show up to interview them about their son. The task force finds evidence that seems to point to an investment firm, Waterday Financial, buying structured settlements from individuals who later end up dead at the hands of cops. Later, we find that in four cases, the cops also got loans from Waterday and the company had taken out insurance policies on the victims. These policies included one valued at five million dollars on Scottie Stansbury.

Meanwhile, Thrall tries to convince a woman, later revealed to be a deputy, that she can get the money that she needs to save her sister’s life by killing a man, Robert Urwiller. Back in Thrall’s sex dungeon, we see that her gimp is the head of Waterday. He gets a call from the office about an FBI raid and Thrall decides to kill him. She puts the mask back on him and cuts off his air supply. Liz and Samar stop the deputy from killing Urwiller and Ressler convinces her to setup a meet with Thrall. Thrall attempts to assassinate the deputy, unaware that Liz has taken her place. Her plan fails thanks to the cruiser’s bullet resistant glass.

Will Hart/NBC

36 Hours

Red’s room is broken into by a group of men. When he returns, he finds a message written on his mirror stating ‘Rivera wants you.’ He calls Dembe, who got the plate number of the visitors. Red and Dembe meet with Rivera’s men and Red promises them guns in 36 hours. Red visits Glen to ask him for a million dollars. After making Red squirm, Glen agrees to loan it to him. Red then mets up with Heddie and Smokey and asks them to find a covert runway. Tom shows up to find out that Red has an offer. Red, Dembe, Tom, and Glen attempt to buy some guns from Adika Buhari. When Buhari seems to waiver, Red offers to leave Tom with him. He says that if anything goes sideways, Buhari is welcome to kill Tom. The ATF later raids the gun deal, but it turns out to be part of Red’s plan. He now has Buhari’s plane and guns, with the guns sold to Rivera. Red, Dembe, and Glen end the episode, sitting outside of the plane, grilling and lamenting that they have no fuel and no pilot.

Ressler’s Dilemma

While Liz and Ressler are interviewing the Stansbury’s, Henry Prescott texts Ressler asking him to get a car out of impound. Kessler tells him he’s busy, but Prescott says that he owes him for cleaning up his mess when he accidentally killed NSA Director Hitchin. Ressler discovers a body in the trunk of the car that Prescott asked him to pick up. Red tells Ressler that he respects him and that if he ever needs his help with anything, he’ll gladly provide it. Ressler meets with Prescott, delivering the car and body.

Will Hart/NBC

One Step Closer

Nik Korpal puts Tom in touch with Pete who, according to Nik, is the smartest guy he knows and the most likely to get to Tom the answers he seeks regarding the human remains in the suitcase. Later, Korpal tells Tom that Pete was able to extract DNA from a tooth.

This was a very involved, but very good, episode. Aside from the case of the week, three stories continued to move along. Ressler’s guilt is building each week. Red is a step or two closer to becoming a major player again. Finally, Tom is inching toward figuring out whose remains he has in that case. It’s nice to see Ressler with more to do, but you have to wonder how this will tilt. Will he seek Red’s help? Will he kill Prescott? This might be the storyline that makes this season special.

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