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‘Riverdale’ Season 2 Premiere: 9 best moments

Riverdale: Season 2, Episode 1, “Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying,” Aired October 11, 2017

#1 The friendships. This is by far the most emotional we have ever seen our Archikins and it’s heart warming to see his friends standing by him. The football peeps, the Pussycats and his crew all met up at the hospital to support Archie and Fred in their time of need, but it was the core four that warmed our hearts. Jughead and Archie hug and aren’t afraid to express their affection for each other. We love that the this show never forces outdated male friendship stereotypes on us. Archie needs all of the support right now.

#2 Fred’s dreams. While Fred was unconscious, we were given a glimpse of what was going on inside his head. In the first haunting sequence, Archie and the gang are in graduation caps while Fred takes photos. At first it seems like a standard flash forward until Archie’s friends start telling Fred how he won’t live to see this moment. That’s when Fred sees his shooter walking by and we realize that it’s all in Fred’s head. In Fred’s dream, Archie also is taking over the biz, getting engaged and getting married. These are the moments Fred is scared that he will miss if he dies.

#3 Veronica refusing to leave Archie. Archie isn’t usually the “love ’em and leave ’em type,” so it was surprising when he yelled at Veronica and told her to leave after their shower moment. Archie is terrified and shaken and when they can’t find Fred’s wallet, he loses it. The old Veronica would have been hurt and stormed out, but the new Veronica refuses to leave and sticks with her man. Swoon!

riverdale 2x1

#4 The Mystery. Who killed Jason Blossom is a question that has been answered, and now we have a new mystery on our hands. Who shot Fred Andrews? Why? And where is his wallet? Veronica thinks it was her mother. Jughead thinks it was a hit. Pop thinks it was an angel of death (wtf) and we have no idea. WHO IS IT?!

#5 Cheryl’s dark turn. Cheryl has always been on the dark side of Riverdale. Her family’s dark secrets and her brother’s murder were at the center of season 1. She also burned her family’s home down after nearly ending her life – all in the first season. In the premiere of Season 2 we see a much different Cheryl. She is not taking her mother’s abuse any longer, but this is crazy dark, even for her. Also, something tells me that the painting that Cheryl’s mom ran back into the fire for is more than just a painting.

riverdale 2x1

#6 The Lodges. Veronica made some big changes in her life, but what will happen now that her father is back? She isn’t the good little daughter that she once was and it’s already shifting things around in the Lodge family dynamic. It’s going to be very interesting to see how things change in the Lodge home now that Daddy is home.

#7 Bughead. How flippin’ cute are these two? Seriously.

riverdale 2x1

#8 Alice Cooper. This woman is the BEST. She says whatever she wants and judges the hell out of everyone. She is hilariously savage AF and we love her. “Block him too.” Haha

#9 Happy ending. Things were dark at times, but at least the episode had a happy ending! We aren’t talking about how Fred woke up – we are talking about how Ms. Grundy’s life of violating young men is over! She was killed by the same man who shot Fred, which adds another layer to the mystery. Even so, no tears will be shed by us for the dead town pedophile. #SorryNotSorry #ByeBitch

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