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‘Gotham’ recap: 4×04 “The Demon’s Head”

‘Gotham’ recap: 4×04 “The Demon’s Head”


Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 04, “The Demon’s Head,” Aired Oct 12, 2017

This episode was written by Ben McKenzie! That’s right – our very own Jim Gordon wrote tonight’s episode. And he delivered.

There was a dogman named Anubis (who is the stuff of nightmares), and – in a particularly entertaining scene – Nygma sent some riddles in the form of rap-grams to Penguin. Oh, and the library (apparently) makes for a really good setting for a fight scene.

Overall, Ben McKenzie should be proud of himself; tonight’s episode was great. Let’s get into the biggest moments.

Don’t get between Ra’s al Ghul and his knife

Gotham 4x04 recap The Demon's Head ra's al ghul and jim gordon

Poor Dr. Winthrop never stood a chance. Ra’s al Ghul snapped Winthrop’s neck right in front of his grandson. Conveniently, he walked in right as Winthrop figured out the importance of the knife (oh, yeah, and that Ra’s al Ghul himself is “the demon’s head”).

Then, Ra’s al Ghul strutted into the police department. His acting is way better than Bruce’s, as he pretended to be a museum official from his tiny nation, Nanda Parbat. It appears that Jim is on top in the interrogation, but Ra’s al Ghul quickly turns the tables. Surely Jim didn’t really think it would be that easy.

In a last desperate attempt to get the knife from Bruce, Ra’s al Ghul kills Bruce’s new BFF Alex (the Winthrop grandson) and just lets Jim arrest him on the spot, but I get the feeling his stay in prison will be short.

Bruce blows his cover

Gotham 4x04 recap The Demon's Head bruce wayne blows his cover

I can practically see Alfred rolling his eyes. Bruce’s acting lessons from Alfred in last week’s episode proved pointless, as Bruce stormed into Barbara’s new HQ to interrogate her about Ra’s al Ghul and the knife. The clueless billionaire act no longer stands because, as both Barbara and Jim now know, Bruce knows way more than he is letting on. That cover didn’t last long.

Bruce is just getting himself into all kinds of trouble now, and he is not handling the consequences well. This is going to weigh heavily on him, and I am interested to see what he does next.

The battle for Gotham

Gotham 4x04 recap The Demon's Head sofia falcone wants the city

As you’ll recall, Sofia Falcone is in Gotham in order to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a gangster herself. However, Gotham is still under Penguin’s control, and he does not like having a Falcone back in the city. Sofia tries her best to act as if she is harmless, but Penguin knows that the Falcone name carries enough power in itself to threaten him and his reign. He played her. Falcone’s loyalists sought her out, only to be killed by Zsasz (at Penguin’s command).

Props to Sofia for staying strong through the whole ordeal, and not letting on about a plan of her own at all. But I think she’s got more than a little something up her sleeve.

The Riddler?

Gotham 4x04 recap The Demon's Head the riddler is ed nygma

What do you call the Riddler if he can no longer write good riddles? Downgraded to just Ed Nygma, our ex-Riddler confronts Penguin, who decides that Nygma is pathetic without the cleverness that made him the Riddler. Rather than freeze the Riddler again like Penguin planned, he decides that it would be a far worse punishment to let Nygma live knowing that he would never be the Riddler again. I guess we’ll just have to keep watching to see what Nygma does with this freedom.


Next week, Bruce goes on a mission to kill Ra’s al Ghul while Jim and Alfred chase after him. I can’t think of a single scenario where this goes as planned, so I’m sure we’ll be in for quite the episode. I believe Ra’s al Ghul’s time on Gotham has just begun.

Also, the Riddler meets Solomon Grundy (aka Cyrus Gold), who comic fans will know as the zombie. I am pretty excited to see how they work him into the story. Nygma will be dealing with his loss of his brainpower, so his run-in with Grundy will be something to watch.


Next week:

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  • matthew Foley

    Who else thinks Alex Winthrop is the bookworm?

  • John Michael Beach

    Gotham season 4 episode 4 was hilarious and I enjoyed as always Penguin and Riddler. It may not been a fan favorite but It did touch on other areas besides Bruce being a vigilante. I feel some times Gotham neglects Bruce’s tender side as a human being. I sure miss Selina but Sohia is doing a good job so far. I hated seeing the old man and his grandson dying so suddenly. I wonder how long will it take for Riddler to collect himself and get all of his marvels back? Barbara is good and different in this season episode but I hope we will see her collecting herself back to the wild and fun loving villain we all know her to be. Her demeanor now is definitely not her. Alfred is so intense about protecting Bruce I hope Selina will return to help him when he really needs help. Lately we have been seeing all the negative parts of their relationship and none of the positive. Talk about a one sided pony, but as a Batman fan ” I know for a fact that even though their relationship was always a rollercoaster it was not always bad.” Where is the balance? Now I know a lot of fans like Ras Al Ghul and as a villian he is ok but lets be honest people the actor that plays Ras Al Ghul although I believe is doing a good job portraying Al Ghul he is not, meaning Ras Al Ghul is not doing that spectacular as a character in this version at least to me. He looks like a rock star with that wild hair and that tough guy attitude and let’s be honest that romantic kiss with Barbara was so unnecessary he made me want to cry. In a nut shell what I am trying to say is that even though I love the show Gotham there version of Ras Al Ghul is just plain weak and a little sad. Gotham fans please comment the show needs all the support it can possibly get especially if we want a season five. According to some other postings the ratings are at an all time low, which to be honest I am confuse about. Most of the ratings that I have seen are pretty high and many people are saying this is the best season of Gotham ever