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‘Dynasty’ series premiere recap 1×01 “I Hardly Recognized You”

Dynasty premiere recap: Season 1, Episode 1, “I Hardly Recognized You”, Aired Oct. 12th

There was some nail biting going on for some viewers in anticipation for this premiere. Most of those who watched the original hoped this reboot would live up to the name. But it didn’t. It far exceeded all of our expectations. The drama came in hard and fast and had us shouting for more. Keep reading below for the break down!

The Carringtons

Fallon starts off our adventure and we were not prepared. She immediately showed us how ruthless and intelligent she is. Fallon is a young woman who knows what she wants and she’s going to do anything to get it. If you aren’t in her way, this is a great thing that has you cheering for her at every turn. But if you are in her way, well, you won’t be for long.

Dynasty Series Premiere Recap

Steven is the black sheep of the family. Striving to get his hands dirty and help others. The prodigal son that butts heads with his father at every turn. But he returns home after both his sister and father call him and ask him to. Despite it all, they do love each other and Steven seems to like Cristal about as much as Fallon despises her. But the  already close bond Steven has with Fallon won’t be bent or broken. Their sibling relationship is goals, and we’re here for it.

Dynasty Series Premiere Recap

Blake Carrington is the patriarch of the family, who doesn’t seem to look at the big picture. Which is surprising, as he runs a huge corporation. There also seemed to be a small naivete about Blake. At least when it comes to women. He certainly isn’t willing to hand his company over to Fallon. Even though we all think she could handle it. That girl would be a real business shark, that’s for sure. Something she has no problem showing her father.

Dynasty Series Premiere Recap

The intruder

Cristal comes off as your typical flouncy business woman who only agrees to marry Blake for his money and power. But if you think that’s what she actually is, you’d be very, very wrong. Cristal is pretty damn savvy and she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. That’s not to say she isn’t after Blake for money and power, but we also aren’t sure of her plans yet.

There is a very big cloud of suspicion where Cristal is concerned and we can’t wait to find out more of her secrets. Family members and old acquaintances seem to be coming out of the woodwork. We have a feeling there’s a dark past that comes along with the deceptively quiet beauty.

Dynasty Series Premiere Recap

Cristal makes it clear from moment one that she isn’t going to take any crap from anyone. That includes not only Blake’s children, but Blake himself. She certainly shows us she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and tell people what she really thinks of them. This is something to be admired, as long as her sharp tongue isn’t aimed at you.

Mysterious happenings

Cristal’s not so ex-boyfriend, Matthew, shows up just in time for us to get intrigued by his part in the reboot. But he isn’t around long, as his mentally ill wife arrives to the Carrington home to let the family know that her husband has just been killed in an explosion. Well, glad we didn’t get attached. Unless he isn’t really dead. This is TV, anything can happen.

Dynasty Series Premiere Recap

Matthew’s wife, Claudia has some seriously crazy eyes as she tells Blake she holds him personally responsible. We have a feeling that she isn’t going to let this one go. We also shamelessly can’t wait to see what exactly Claudia is going to have in store for the powerful family.

Matthew wasn’t the only mysterious character as Sam Flores, Cristal’s nephew has an instant connection with Steven. Now that is one seriously fine couple. Things get extremely steamy, extremely quick. We’re completely okay with it. What we weren’t okay with was Sam taking money out of Steven’s wallet the next morning. But that isn’t the last we see of him as he turns into a party crasher at the Carrington-Flores wedding. We can’t wait to see what comes of this.

Dynasty Series Premiere Recap

The romance of it all

We know there is going to be some serious screen time between Fallon and Jeff Colby. Probably between her and Michael Culhane as well. We honestly can’t decide which one of these studs we like better. There was some definite sparks as Jeff and Fallon told Blake they were starting their own company to compete with his. You go, girl!

Dynasty Series Premiere Recap

We also can’t wait to see what happens between Sam and Steven. There is no way they can have the steamy connection they did and be done with each other. No, there is definitely going to be much more to that story. We’ll be sure to stick around for it.

Then there is Blake and Cristal. As much as Blake can agitate us, and Cristal makes us suspicious, we’re still anxious to see them in action together. They seem to play off each other extremely well, and they clearly have feelings for each other. But we’ll find out just how deep those feelings run.

Dynasty Series Premiere Recap

What did you think of the first episode of the Dynasty reboot? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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