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‘The Flash’ season 4 PREMIERE recap: “The Flash Reborn”

The Flash episode “The Flash Reborn” aired Tuesday, October 10 2017.

We’re back! Season 4 up and running (ha ha).

Before we begin, our cousins over at Legends of Tomorrow messed time up, like, a lot. Fortunately that show picks up almost right where it ended whereas The Flash tries to follow real time so it’s been 6 months and hopefully no one in Central City noticed any anachronisms. Nate Heywood also hung out with Kid Flash for a while.

It’s been 6 months since Barry Allen sacrificed him and stabilised the speedforce. Caitlin hasn’t been heard from and Julian went back to Hogwarts, I mean London. Cecile is about to move in with Joe. Cisco and Kid Flash have been chasing down metas under Iris’ directive, and Iris herself has gone into workaholic mode in moving on. The boys have started calling her “boss”. Still, they are not as efficient as when they had Barry.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a flying samurai!

Big trouble stirs when a flying samurai with a shockwave-creating sword demands to fight “the real Flash”. Wally casually drops the fact that he can speak Japanese. I suppose he loves mangas. Cisco reveals that he has been working on a solution to stabilise the speedforce prison and bring Barry back. Oddly, Iris is the most hesitant to try it out.

Cisco seeks out Caitlin, who looks back to normal and has been working at a bar. Together they refine Cisco’s modified speedforce bazooka and create a sphere thingy that contains Barry’s DNA. The latter is to trick the prison into thinking Barry is still inside. The plan seemingly fails…until a portal opens up in the middle of nowhere and out speeds beard!Barry. Fortunately, Joe soon shaves it off.

Barry is way to poetic for this world. He speaks about stars and makes rhymes. Caitlin suspects he either made up a new language for himself or has dementia. Somewhere along the line, Cisco plays ‘Poker Face’ and it’s an awesome season 1 throwback.

This house is bitchin’

As Barry draws weird symbols, Iris tries to speak to him. She ends up giving a heartfelt speech about how she kept running forward because she couldn’t bear to stop and think about how Barry was no longer with her. She embraces him, and as always, ends up triggering his Flash powers! The power of love!

Barry is not in control of his new and improved speed, though, so they have to lock him in the pipeline. Cisco tries to crack Barry’s symbols, which apparently translate to “this house is bitchin'”. Maybe Barry is just really impressed with Star Lab’s infrastructure? Still, the totally un-Barry message leaves Cisco dejected. When comforted by Caitlin, he confesses that he just used the Samurai as an excuse to try to get his friend back. *Sniff*

Wally masquerades in the red suit, but Samurai doesn’t take bait and incapacitates him. Team Flash has no choice but to get Barry back mentally – fast.

The passcode is ‘Iris is gonna die’

Iris sacrifices herself to the Samurai knowing that Barry will come for her. Sure enough, as soon as Joe says those four magic words, Barry’s Flash powers are triggered and he races after his fiancee. One whole epic wind farm maze chase later, he catches Iris and takes down the Samurai…android. Yep, it was just a robot. Or Samuroid, if you will.

All looks good. Barry is himself and his vitals are great. Caitlin wants a urine sample to be sure – another throwback to season 1! “Man you love urine,” Cisco quips. It’s great to see that these two haven’t lost their friendly banter. Grant Gustin looks cute in a white tee.

Barry admits to Iris that he feels liberated from all his past burdens, and promises to never leave Iris again. This makes them the latest couple to appropriate the word “always”.

Things are not as bright for Caitlin, who we soon see is still struggling with repressing her Killer Frost personality. It’s like Killer Frost is an alter ego that takes over from time to time. Caitlin cannot remember her actions as Killer Frost, such as murdering her creepy supervisor.

We also get a glimpse of the big bad Thinker and his assistant. Seems like Samuroid was just a muse to draw the Flash out. Look out, Barry!

Ugh, it feels SO GOOD to hear the Flash theme again. Dadaaa dun daaa daaa daaa daaa duuuuun *boom*

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