Home Recaps Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere recap: Danielle’s back
Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere recap: Danielle’s back

Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere recap: Danielle’s back


Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere recap: Season 8, Episode 01, “Shaddy Beach”, Aired Oct 4, 2017

Teresa & Joe face a tough loss

Everyone’s favorite Jersey housewives are BACK (Danielle’s back too) for an explosive new season. The season opens with Teresa and her brother Joe discussing their mother and how she has fallen ill. She fell ill with the flu and we learn that she never recovered from the sickness. Their mother passed away after her bout with the sickness and it devastated her husband and kids. Teresa is stressed with the death of her mother and her husband’s current incarceration. She is now a single mother to four girls and is left to death with this poor choices. Joe is also having a difficult time with his mother’s death and his wife Melissa gives him some space.

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Let the tears flow 

Dolores’ ex husband is moving back in despite Dolores being in a long term relationship. She is afraid that her ex moving back in will lead to her son butting heads with him. I think it’s also a really weird thing to do, and I could never imagine being her current boyfriend. Siggy has dinner with her husband and proclaims her excitement for him to attend Penn State in the fall. Teresa and Joe’s father cries every day since his wife’s passing and doesn’t want his house anymore. He decides to stay near Teresa which says a lot to me. I think there is still a lot of bad blood between the father and son about the drama that went down a few years back. Heartbreaking.

Teresa tears up while talking to her brother because she lost a lot of time with her mother. She didn’t know it at the time, but her prison stint would come at the end of her mother’s life. She knows she can’t get that time back, and I couldn’t imagine how she feels inside. Melissa and her business partner dissolved their partnership at Envy and her partner stole all of the clothing. She went into the store late at night and took EVERYTHING. SHADY. To make matters worse, she took all of the clothes to KIM D at Posche. EXTRA SHADY. Also, Teresa reveals that Danielle Staub sent her flowers and offered condolences after her mom’s death.

Welcome to Jersey Margaret 

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Firstly, Dolores tells the other housewives that her ex moved back in, and they are SHOCKED (and weirded out). Siggy proposes a group trip to Boca Raton, Florida to celebrate Melissa’s birthday. The trip isn’t the only great thing going for Siggy. In addition to the trip, she also recently launched an amazing new relationship advice book. I real quick want to take a moment to thank Siggy for donating a copy for my talk show! I wish her much success with all of her endeavors. We meet Margaret Josephs, and I am unsure what to think of this newbie. Her pigtails are TOO much. She plans on meeting the girls in Florida which I see ending in complete chaos.

The trip to Florida is the first vacation that Teresa has had in years (no prison does not count). Furthermore, it’s just great to see Teresa out and about and enjoying life a little. We learn that Margaret has a multi-million dollar business with some interesting products. Siggy takes the girls to her favorite restaurant in Boca, and she enters so obnoxiously. She screams and says hi to literally everyone she encounters and they other girls want to hide under the table. Siggy confides in the group about how her husband asked her to cut back on work. Siggy’s news prompts Teresa to open up for the first time about her own marital frustrations. Although she loves Joe, she has anger towards him for what he has done to their lives.

Danielle’s back

Danielle's back
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Dolores receives a phone call, and she learns that her son Frankie never turned in any documents for college admission.  at Melissa’s birthday breakfast, Danielle’s back, and she’s joining the ladies. This is the most casual and awkward return that you will ever see. Also, Dolores’ face when she saw her is so priceless. Danielle’s back in the mix, but Dolores is less than thrilled and thinks Danielle is crazy. Shocking news is discussed about how two bodies were burned and shot execution style in a car registered to Kim D. Siggy is friends with Kim D and Melissa tells her to stop kissing Kim D’s ass. The ladies debate whether or not Siggy’s husband is controlling which she proclaims he is not.  Teresa and Melissa surprisingly destroy a custom cake that Siggy made for Melissa at dinner, and the fallout continues next week.

Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo. It appears that Danielle’s back for the entire season.

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