‘Fear the Walking Dead’ recap 3×14 “El Matadero”

Fear the Walking Dead recap: Season 3, Episode 14, “El Matadero,” Aired Oct 8, 2017

Well, Fear the Walking Dead sure knows how to start an episode with a shocker. After all of the core characters made it off of the ranch safely, the latest episode served up a curveball. Clearly, this group can’t catch a break. Might as well dive right in!

ftwd season 3 episode 14 ofelia

Biggest takeaways from 3×14:

Goodbye Ofelia. Viewers were quick to learn that Ofelia sadly did not make it off of the ranch unscathed. Turns out, she was bitten during the air vent mission and the virus is rapidly spreading. Madison made a promise to Daniel that she would bring him his daughter and she fully intends to do so. They make it to the trading post in the best efforts to keep Ofelia alive. Unfortunately, she passes away just moments before Daniel arrives. It was a frustrating move by Fear the Walking Dead to tease a reunion between father and daughter only to kill her off seconds before an anticipated reconciliation.

Solo Alicia. The youngest Clark doesn’t get very far before she realizes Nick and Troy are following her. Despite his best efforts to get his sister to come back with them, Nick lets Alicia continue off on her own. Alicia finds herself in a fast food restaurant scavenging for supplies before a few infected cause her to take refuge in the playground ball-pit. What ensues is an epic fight between Alicia and a young infected girl hiding in the pit, probably one of the best scenes all season. Alicia then witnesses a woman come into the burger place and steal her supplies so she tracks her down. After a confrontation, she shares food and shelter with the woman and the two become allies.

ftwd season 3 episode 14 nick

Nick’s relapse. Besides Ofelia’s death, there was another sad moment during the episode. Nick who fought hard to overcome his addiction, relapsed after finding the pain meds meant for Ofelia. He takes a bunch of the pills before urging Troy to accompany him to “el matadero” aka the slaughterhouse. The location within the trading post contains all sorts of drugs. Nick picks the most intense drug they have, the brain stem of a nucleus which causes him and Troy to majorly trip on adrenaline. It is pretty bad when someone as unstable as Troy is questioning Nick’s actions but it looks like the former addict is back to his old ways. Nick even convinces Troy to splatter his face with blood to walk through a herd of infected, once again walking between life and death.

Madison needs time to herself. Madison tries her best to serve up her part of the bargain to Daniel by bringing him Ofelia. Unfortunately, the loss of Ofelia and the lack of supplies puts her at a loss in a negotiation. Strand was also quick to point that out. By the end of the episode, Daniel still invites her and the group to join him at the dam. She quickly realizes that Nick turned back to drugs but has no more strength trying to convince her children what to do. Just as she let Alicia go, she lets Nick stay at the trading post. It seems like each member of the Clark family needs time alone to find themselves again.

ftwd season 3 episode 14 madison

It’s a shame to see the character of Ofelia be brought back only to be killed off before being fully utilized in the series. The final two episodes will certainly see the after effects of her untimely death. There is also the mystery surrounding Strand and what kind of deal he made with this Proctor John character we have yet to meet.

The two hour season finale of Fear the Walking Dead airs October 15th on AMC at 9/8c

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