‘American Horror Story: Cult’ recap: Episode 7×05, “Holes”

American Horror Story: Cult recap: Season 7, Episode 5, “Holes”

This episode was nothing short of WOW! Not wasting any time with this episode. Usually each episode starts off by slowly grabbing your attention to where you go, ‘Ahh, I see what they are doing.’ Nope, not this one! We get a straight up OMG moment when the episode starts off. We literally see Kai’s cult meeting taking place. This is the first time we have ever seen a meeting and got 100% confirmation that all these people are working together.


As if that wasn’t enough, we see a shadowy figure walking down the stairs as Kai is talking, and there we go — it is none other than Ivy! As I have discussed in previous articles, I always thought Ivy was working with the Cult, and now we have confirmation for sure. Ivy, I knew it, I knew it! At first I did not care for the Ivy character too much. I felt she was very distant from the story, and now we know why. I have actually enjoyed the development of her character as the season has progressed, and judging from this episode, I think she will be battling a lot of inner demons from here on out.

I feel like my head is spinning from all the information we got in this episode, and all of it was very much needed. Last episode, we saw a lot of flashbacks to the beginning stages of this cult that were puzzle pieces we needed, but this week really was like the missing link to see the bigger picture. So I am going to talk about the parts that really stood out to me in this episode. Obviously, the beginning was important which is why I discussed it right away. I think that was really what we were missing. We needed confirmation that Ivy was in some way connected to Kai and we found out they are directly connected and it wasn’t just through Winter.


Kai and Winter

Speaking of Winter, we finally know that Kai and Winter are brother and sister. There was speculation from the start that they could be something other than siblings (such as boyfriend and girlfriend). We find out about them being related through a topic that I really didn’t even bother asking myself — where are Kai’s parents? Little did we know, Kai’s parents were just chillin’ upstairs, literally. I fully expected Kai would have been the one to kill them, but much to my surprise and everyone else’s, he didn’t. We find out that Kai’s parents didn’t seem to get along too well, and his mom just couldn’t take it anymore and decided to end that by taking her husband’s life and her own. It really was a sad scene, and I found myself starting to tear up a little. So at this point in time, we see Kai really hasn’t developed his leadership qualities yet. I mean, he doesn’t even know what to do when his parents die as calls his brother for help immediately.

Wait, who is brother? Oh go figure, it is the psychiatrist! I knew he was involved with Kai somehow. So much so that a couple articles ago, I did a top 3 countdown of people that were involved with Kai on some level and I had him at number 2. We see Kai’s brother immediately take action, almost like Kai would in present day. They preserve their parent’s bodies in the bed to essentially be able to keep getting money from their pension and disability checks.

It is at this point we find out Winter is the sister as they mention that they won’t tell her until she comes home from college. At first, Winter is totally against everything they have done even threatening to go to the police, but she quickly has a change of heart once she realizes she won’t be going to college anymore once the money stops coming in via her parents. This whole scene was an intense once and it was one I didn’t know we needed until they showed it. Definitely the best part of this entire episode!



Now the other topic we have to discuss is Meadow. So it was kind of fuzzy on the details from the last episode as to whether Meadow was dead or alive, but we soon find out that she is very much alive and filled with regret! Ally is up to her usual spying on Harrison, noticing him carrying something heavy into the house. After Ally can’t take it anymore because she is watching from a distance through a telescope, she decides to sneak over there carrying a baseball bat with her. I thought she was going to go straight into the house, but instead, she goes to the backyard only to find a hole with Meadow still alive in it. She doesn’t appear to be tied up but does quietly tell Ally to help her.

As a viewer, I feel a little weary at first thinking this is something else that is set up by the cult to lure in Ally. She runs back to the house to call the police only to be met with a recording that there is an influx in calls tonight and to please wait. But earlier in the episode, we found out that police calls are actually at an all time low, so it is interesting that now they are high when Ally calls.

So, I am still on the fence if this is planned or not, but Meadow does run to Ally’s house to warn her that there is a cult and Ivy is involved with it. Then Meadow gets grabbed and taken away back to the house. The look in Ally’s eyes was such an ‘ah ha’ moment for her, like it finally all makes sense. Was this staged by the cult or not? We never see Meadow at any of the meetings, so who knows at this point.

Dang, was this a fantastic episode of American Horror Story or what? I felt like I was finally getting the confirmation that we all needed since episode one, and Ivy…..I KNEW IT! It only gets more intense from here guys as we head into the mid-season!

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