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‘This Is Us’ recap: 2×03 “Deja Vu”

‘This Is Us’ recap: 2×03 “Deja Vu”


This Is Us 2×03 recap of “Déjà vu,” aired October 10, 2017

This Is Us 2×03 brings an episode that dealt largely with the highs and lows that come with our past and present. The episode delved further into the aftermath of Jack’s death on one of his kids while in the past, Rebecca worked on reconnecting with her husband.

Finding the right words

Taking place three weeks after Jack began going to alcoholics anonymous meetings, he is tackling big steps in trying to talk through his experiences. But it is still difficult for him to open up to Rebecca. While Rebecca is concerned for her husband, they both miss that Randall is attempting to locate his birth mother, who he thinks he has found.

Meeting a legend

2x03 Deja Vu
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While Randall and Beth prepare to take in a 12-year-old foster child named Deja, Kevin is preparing to do a scene with Sylvester Stallone on his new movie. Kate is also with him to meet the legend. It turns out he was Jack’s hero and Kate is thrilled to be talking about Jack with him. Kevin…not so much. After seeing what Kate went through to deal with her own feelings, it’s nice to delve into Kevin’s experience having lost Jack.

Being there

In the past, two people important to Randall find out about his search. Kate and Kevin learn he is meeting with the woman he thinks is his birth mother at the park. Even though he was about to go through this alone, Kevin and Kate don’t leave his side. This was perfect because it shows how the three of them have always stood by each other just like the in the present.

As Kevin and Kate focus on Randall, Rebecca has a conversation with a friend that causes her to surprise Jack with a date night in hopes of spicing things up.

New beginnings?

Deja Vu 2x03
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Randall, Beth, and the girls prepare to meet the new foster girl, Deja. They all think it might go well, but when she arrives with Linda, the case worker, it is clear that it is going to be a rough night. Knowing Randall likes to be in control of things, it is understandable that he is nervous and just trying to do his best.


While Kevin is practicing his lines, Kate receives advice from Sly about her career. When he goes to work with Kevin, Sly brings up Jack, which throws Kevin once again. Because of the memories stirring up of his father, Kevin has a hard time with his lines for the movie. Even though he doesn’t say much, you can clearly see through his facial expressions that he is having trouble dealing with Jack being brought up, which is just heartbreaking without words.

It is not just Kevin experiencing difficulties but also Randall and Beth. They realize things with Deja are much harder than they expected when Beth finds cigarettes of Deja’s. When Randall comes in to see what is going on, Deja’s reaction has them worried. I think both Randall and Beth did not fully take into account just how hard raising a foster child could be, especially one who has gone through multiple homes.

Teenage Randall figures out the woman he contacted is not his mother. While the audience knew already that this would be the case, it was still heartbreaking to see just how Randall was dealing with the possibility and why he was doing this. I was glad that he didn’t go through this alone and had his siblings by his side.

Meanwhile, Rebecca tries to be intimate with Jack, but he isn’t quite ready to do that yet. Rebecca and Jack haven’t been communicating very well here, but Rebecca’s efforts did at least allow for Jack to begin the process of opening up.


Deja Vu 2x03
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Randall tells Beth that this experience showed him that this was harder than expected, but they are going to keep trying. While they try to deal with the events of the past few hours, Kate goes to talk to Kevin about how he did at work. He is upset that she was talking so freely about their dad right before his scene. In this scene, we saw the two in a different way, showing this is one area that is off limits for them. This was a tough scene between the twins, but it also felt real that we saw how differently they dealt with Jack’s death.

Jack and Rebecca return home where he tells her that it has been difficult for him to express how he feels and he is trying his best. His revelation about why he did not want to be intimate and the reasons made sense and is actually the best thing he could have done. It wouldn’t have been healthy for either of them to be intimate when they were not on the same page.


2x03 Deja Vu
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Deja goes into Tess and Annie’s room and wakes them up to ask them about the rules of the house. This scene was subtly powerful, not really telling us anything about Deja’s character, but it provided us with a glimpse into how the girls’ lives differed from hers. This scene also led us to a memory of William and Annie, which showed just how unbelievably adorable Annie is. If anyone could change Deja’s mind about giving them a chance, it would be her.

As for her Uncle Kevin, he tries to film a scene where he saves Sylvester’s life. However, he ends up reliving memories of his father and he hurts himself. Again, it shows Kevin has a lot he needs to deal with but instead, he just holds it in.

We see Jack and Rebecca as they talk in the car and he is able to make one confession to her. Before going inside, they find a dog outside their house. Remember that scene at the end of the season premiere? Yes. That dog. The clues we saw in that particular scene keep coming and it is leaving me anxious about when we will see what becomes of Jack.

As for their kids, Kevin and Kate go to check on Randall. After Kate asks about his reasons for looking for his mother, his explanation is sad, but understandable. Even though he has been going through these feelings himself, he still has his brother and sister. This was a touching scene between the siblings, especially since we know Kevin and Randall do not have an easy relationship at this point in time.

Deja Vu

Beth and Randall have a talk with Deja after they get her case file. Randall tries to smooth things over by telling her about his adoptive and birth parents and admits to seeing himself in her. However, the thought of not seeing her mother again upsets her and she drops the photo she is holding, shattering the one of William. Foreshadowing? The picture could be showing that even if the past is broken, you can still have the future.

As for his brother, Kevin is icing his knee and calls Kate to apologize and admit it might take time to talk about his father. This was an important step for Kevin to take but as we see in the end, there might be another hurdle for him if Kate’s comment to herself actually rings true in more ways than one.

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