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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season premiere recap: 3×01 “Aruba-con”

Legends of Tomorrow season 3 premiere recap: Season 3, Episode 1, “Aruba-con,” Aired October 10, 2017

Hello, Legends!

We are back! We have a lot to go over about tonight’s premiere. First and foremost however, I want to talk about my favorite new addition to the Legends cast.

Welcome, Agent Ava Sharpe.

Den of Geek

In the season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow we are introduced to the Time Bureau. Since we have last seen Rip Hunter, which was 15 minutes ago in Legends time, he was leaving to form his own Bureau. Rip shows up in L.A. and it turns out, he has spent the last five years forming the Time Bureau. They are basically the new time police.

The Time Bureau look down upon the Legends claiming they messed everything up. Which in all fairness they did break time. Rip strips them of the Waverider and their time traveling abilities.

One of the members of the Bureau is Agent Ava Sharpe. Agent Sharpe is Rip’s second. She is also incredibly mean and I love it! She butts heads with all the Legends, especially Sara. You know what that means? Get your ship names ready my friends! #Lancesharp or #SharpLance? We will figure it out. Welcome Jes Macallan, a.k.a. Ava Sharpe!

Where are they now?


When the Legends dismantled they all ended up in different places. Sara ended up working at basically a Bed, Bath, and Beyond. She spent her time fantasizing about killing her boss. Ray works at a dating app site. Why? I have no idea. Nate has been hanging out in Central City helping Kid Flash!

That’s right, Kid Flash made a cameo. It was fantastically unexpected. Jax and Stein went back to Central City. Finally, Rory is chilling in Aruba when Julius Caesar ruins his tanning period. Rude.

The gang meets back up, aside for Rory, who has Caesar trapped in his Cabana. They take a trip to the Time Bureau to inform Rip. They also hope, in doing so they can get their jobs back!



Rory being Rory accidentally brings the wrong guy back. The Legends realize Caesar is changing history. So they go after him. This time the catch him. They decide to bring him back to his own time. In true Legends form, everything goes wrong! The best part about this season is the Legends constantly recognize that they always mess up.

  • Nate and Sara bring Julius back to his own time. For some reason Nate brings a book called, “The Rise of Rome” of the ship. Caesar steals it.
  • The Time Bureau arrive and tell the Legends that the future has changed. That they messed up again.
  • The Bureau keeps the Legends on the ship and go to right time. Things go awry and Agent Sharpe gets captured by Caesar’s men.
  • The Legends go into rescue her.

Cue the top fight scene of the night: Agent Sharpe and Sara Lance vs. Caesar’s troops!

We find out Ava isn’t too bad of a fighter herself.

The Legends are back!

The team saves Ava and rights time. Rip decides to let them help the Bureau with some of the field work. We also learn Ava and Rip are nervous about a future threat called Mollus. Could this be our new villain of the season? Only one way to find out! See you next week!

Did you love tonight’s episode? What are your thoughts on Agent Sharpe? How badly have you missed the Legends? Sound off in the comments!


Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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