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‘Supergirl’ season premiere recap: 3×01 ‘Girl of Steel’

Supergirl recap: Season 3, Episode 1, “Girl of Steel” Aired October 9, 2017.

Supergirl is back!

Superfans, I have missed you so much! Let’s dive into the season premiere!

1. Hello, Broody.

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We begin the season with a side of Kara we have never seen before, broody. That is right ladies and gentleman, Kara has a broody side. Let me tell you, it is not delightful like Mr. Queen. Kara is downright mean most of the episode. I can’t say I would want to see it all the time, but it was interesting for an episode.

Kara is still in a bad place after losing Mon-El. She has almost entirely given herself over to Supergirl. I, like all the characters, missed Kara Danvers.

2. Maggie said, “Yes.”

TV Line

#Sanvers is in full swing!!! Maggie said, yes! I repeat, #Sanvers is a go! Alex and Maggie are busy planning their wedding, with no help from Kara. Kara get your sh*t together! This is your sister’s wedding we are talking about. 

Alex reveals that she is down because her Father can’t come to her wedding. Maggie offers her some great advice. From this advice we get the best moment of this episode! Alex asks J’onn to walk her down the aisle!


J’onn said yes! So they are crying, we are crying. It’s all adorable!

3. I love Lena Luthor!


Lena Luthor is back for another season! Hallelujah! Every time I think I can’t love Lena anymore, she gets me. Lena is back defending her ole’ pal Supergirl. There is a new annoyance in town named, Edge Morgan. He is about as misogynistic as it gets. He wants to knock down land to put up a development.

Lena goes toe-to-toe with him the entire episode. Who comes out on top? Who do you think? Lena! He tries to buy Cat Co. Lena is like, “nope.” She buys it right under his nose! Cat Co. has a new owner everyone!

4. Where is Cat Grant?


Also, because she is literally the best. Here is your Cat Grant update! Where is Cat? Why she is at the White House.


Did I need an entire category for this? Yes.

5. Introducing, Bloodsport.

The CW

The first villain of Season 3 is Bloodsport, played by the actor, David St. Louis. Bloodsport robs a truck. Then he robs a cloaking device from a military base. Winn figures out the cloaking device cannot only hide heat signatures, it can hold up against Supergir’s x-ray vision.

Bloodsport is not just our villain of the week. In fact, he became more interesting at the end of the episode. Bloodsport reveals to the audience he is working for Edge. So things just got a lot more interesting!

Broodiness be gone!

If you are like me and spent the bulk of the episode in fear, that Kara was only brooding over a guy, rest assured. Our writers respect their audience too much for that. It turns out she is upset for another reason.

“I suck at being human.”

Kara believes that she is no good at being human. She thinks Supergirl is the only thing she has ever been good at. She is sad because all her life she wanted to be human and she is no good at it.

Kara is sad. It’s okay Kara, we think you are a great human!

What did you think my Superfans? The long wait is over! Tune in next week!

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. Check out Pure Fandom’s new podcast, SuperTalk, and tune in each week for my recaps.

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