Phil LaMarr and Carl Jones talk new Adult Swim series, ‘The Jellies’

Pure Fandom got to speak with the amazingly talented Phil LaMarr and Carl Jones about their upcoming show, The Jellies!. The Adult Swim series centers around a 16-year-old human named Cornell who is trying to “find himself” after learning he was adopted at birth… by jellyfish.

Tyler the Creator, the brainchild behind The Jellies!, originally made four episodes of the show which are only available on the Adult Swim app. The first official season will hit Adult Swim this month!

Phil LaMarr and Carl Jones took time out of their hectic schedules to give us a little rundown of what we can expect from the highly anticipated comedy.

SARAH CUDLIPP, PURE FANDOM: Thank you both so much for taking the time to talk with us today! Let’s jump right into it! What parts do you both play in The Jellies!?

PHIL: Well, I do the voice of Cornell. The non-jelly Jelly. [laughs] Carl’s a writer and producer but you do some voices too, don’t you Carl?

CARL: I actually do a few voices, yeah. I do the Mayor and then a few assorted ones as well.

That’s amazing! Are there any shows out there you feel compare to The Jellies! at all? So maybe the fans can get a little insight?

PHIL: Uh, no. I don’t think so. I mean that’s part of the appeal, right? It’s unlike any show that’s out there right now.

CARL: Yeah, it’s definitely in its own category [laughs]. I mean this ain’t King of the Hill. It definitely isn’t Boondocks either [laughs]!

That’s so exciting! I can’t wait to see it. Are we going to see an overall arc to the season, or is it going to be an episode by episode type of deal?

PHIL: There’s an arc, for sure. But, I mean, each episode is its own thing too. As the season goes on, the viewers will see a main story getting clearer.

CARL: Yeah, there’s definitely a narrative, but every episode is independent. It’s not like a comic book where you have to have eleven issues to get what the big story is, or what’s going on.

Does the first episode give us all the craziness, or are you guys going to ease us into it as the season progresses?

PHIL: [laughs] It’s pretty crazy right from the beginning, but it really starts going off in the second and third episode. Then it only gets more wild from there.

CARL: Well, the first episode of any show is hard, you know? You’ve gotta establish those characters and where they come from. You kind of have to give that background so the viewers know everything that’s going on. So yeah, it definitely starts heating up in the second episode and beyond.

That’s a lot of crazy going on! The show is definitely full of outrageous happenings! What would you say was the most outrageous thing we’ll see?

PHIL: Definitely more ugly 90’s hairstyles than you ever hoped to see in an animated show [laughs].

CARL: It’s all crazy, but there’s this one episode. There’s a giant Prince frog. Not like a prince, but like Prince the singer. [laughs] It gets pretty crazy.

This show just keeps sounding better and better! What would you say your favorite part of participating in The Jellies! was?

PHIL: It was a great time all around. But watching Tyler doing something so new was really inspiring. Watching him think outside the box. Of course working with that whole group was just great.

CARL: For me, I thought the writing phase was really exciting. To sit down and put those ideas together was really great. I find script pages intimidating. You have all these pages that need to be filled and you’re trying to come up with ideas. You have to try to come up with ways that are going to work for the viewers.

I love that! Speaking of the fans, how do you think the fan base will like the show?

PHIL: Oh, I think the fans are pumped. They should be. When we had our panel at Comic Con, the fans were so supportive. It was a huge vote of confidence for us.

CARL: You always wonder if people are going to respond to what you’re making. Then you have to wonder how they’re going to respond to what you’re showing them. I really think fans are going to love what we’ve done.

Is this a show that you’re hoping to get a second season for? Or maybe even extend past the quarter hour episodes?

PHIL: Oh, I don’t think we can. The last episode has them going in and destroying the Adult Swim offices [laughs].

CARL: [laughs] Wouldn’t that be awesome? Just go in and destroy the place? No, but I don’t think you’ll see it extend past the eleven minutes. But you never know about another season. I mean, who doesn’t want more? That’s definitely something that would be great. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Phil LaMarr and Carl Jones were both outrageously funny and extremely kind. We spent a good portion of our time laughing. We can’t wait for The Jellies!, and we hope you’re as excited as we are.

You can catch The Jellies! on Adult Swim Sunday, Oct. 22nd at 12:15 AM EST.


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