‘The Deuce’ recap: 1×05 “What Kind of Bad?”

The Deuce recap: Season 1, Episode 5, “What Kind of Bad?”, aired Oct 8, 2017

In The Deuce episode 5, we FINALLY find out what’s going on with this new business venture Rudy and Tommy have presented Vinnie with. The big reveal has us wondering how this will change things for our favorite prostitutes. With no lack of sex and drugs, here’s our recap of everything that happened in The Deuce episode 5 “What Kind of Bad?”.

the deuce episode 5

Drum roll please…

Rudy and Tommy want to set up a brothel! We called that it would be something in the sex industry, but this is a little different than we imagined. Vinnie is clearly conflicted with the new business idea while talking to Frankie and Bobby about it at the beginning of the episode. When Tommy comes up to talk to Vinnie at the bar, Vinnie says that he really wants to put everything he has right now into the Hi-Hat, seemingly turning down the whore house idea.

the deuce episode 5

However, we see later that Rudy, Tommy, and Vinnie are once again looking at the building. They give Vince instructions on how they want it to look “simple, but classy” with a VIP section. Tommy also suggests the need for a back entrance where people can “come and go without being seen”. Hmm, we wonder where that is going! Bobby takes over the construction aspect of the new business, and by the end of the episode we see that they’re pretty close to have a whole new hustle!

Abby gets some ‘tude

the deuce episode 5
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While working at the Hi-Hat, Abby gets a camera dropped off from her friend, Evan, and starts taking pictures of patrons. She pisses off one in particular, and justifiably so. It turns into an argument, including some sexual harassment, and she cuts him off from drinking but also gets in a bit of trouble with Vince.

During the next shift, Abby stops wearing the leotard in an act of defiance. It seems like she’s trying to kick sexism’s butt! Vinnie tells her she has to wear her uniform, though. That same night, Abby sees Darlene back in the Hi-Hat. She also gets pissed when she sees that Darlene came back and still being a prostitute after purchasing her the ticket home. While Darlene did go home, she ultimately came back to her life in New York and even brought a friend back who gets into the business.

the deuce episode 5
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Also, take note how she just left Evan’s party after getting her camera. We think that this detail could come back around in some form.

Keep your paws off my Candy

Candy gets into some serious trouble when a customer attacks her for her money. She sprays him with pepper spray but he pulls her back into the room. She gets beat up badly and has to go to the hospital. After the incident, she gets approached by Rodney and he starts bringing up other instances where she’s landed herself in trouble like this before. Let’s be honest. It was a poor attempt at offering to be her protection and make money off of her. When she turns him down he starts harassing her. The girls witness it but nobody really comes over to make sure she’s okay.

the deuce episode 5

That same night she just kind of walks off from a customer calling for her. Candy later goes back to the film director and it seems as though she might be making an official change. Called it.

Also, did you catch that hook up she had with Jack?! What! After last episode where she took off after one kiss, it seemed wild to see her leave a night of work to go be with Jack. He invites her to his work party, but she takes off quickly after the hookup.

The law

Sandra’s newspaper gives her a hard time about her prostitute and pimp story leads not being “news”, so she continues to try to use Officer Alston as an insider. He sets her up with an interview with pimp, Reggie Love. During this time though, we see that the police officers are kind of working the system, too. They only arrest prostitutes late at night right before the officers’ shifts end. Then in the morning when the girls are taken into court, those same cops have to come in and it gives them overtime. So goes the cycle, and of course the charges don’t stick on the girls.

the deuce episode 5
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Also, did you peep that money bag toss at the cops from Rudy and Tommy? The sharks and the officers have some kind of thing going on. Does it have to do with the mob? What about the no-go zone?

So what did you all think of The Deuce episode 5? What about the big reveal on the brothel? Which of your favorite girls do you think will leave their pimps for Vinnie’s new venture? And what about Paul’s wild night out? Let us know!


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