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‘Supernatural’: 4 reasons we’re excited about Season 13

We are so close to season 13 of Supernatural! As usual, we were left with quite a few different cliffhangers at the end of last season. Really, it’s a miracle that we are all still alive right now (and not dead from suspense). I could write a book on all the things I love about Supernatural, but let’s just take a look at the top four things we’re excited about for Season 13!

Jack, son of Lucifer

Season 13 Supernatural
The CW

We spent all last season anticipating the arrival of Lucifer’s son, Jack. Then when he was finally born, he came out as an 18 year old teenager! From trailers, it looks like Sam is going to try to find something good in Jack and steer him in the right direction. Meanwhile, Dean is stuck with his world-worn attitude, clearly not a fan of Satan’s kid. Which brother will be right? What can we expect from the literal spawn of Satan?

The Winchesters meet Scooby Doo

Season 13 Supernatural
Den of Geeks

Like, zoinks! It has been confirmed that there will be a crossover episode with Scooby Doo. The Winchesters and Mystery Inc. will team up for a yet, undetermined plot. However, with both shows dealing so heavily with ghosts and monsters, our only question is, why did it take us so long to get this episode? Who else is ready to see those meddlin’ kids, and their dog, too?!

Carry On My Wayward…Daughters?

Season 13 Supernatural
The Game of Nerds

The fans begged for years, and the writers finally listened! This season, we will get an episode that will introduce the concept of the spinoff Wayward Sisters. For those of you that still don’t know, the show will revolve around the life of Jodie Mills. As most of us remember, she had taken in s young vampire named Alex, and the daughter of Castiel’s vessel, Claire Novak. We can expect that Sheriff Donna will also be around. There will also be another young girl to add to the group, the granddaughter of the fabulous psychic Missouri from season one.

Alternate Universes

Season 13 Supernatural

The previous season finale revealed to us that there are alternate universes in the Supernatural lore. We also learned at conventions this summer that it appears that Cas will appear to us as some alternate version of himself. The trailer also points out what I hope will be a fun, new dynamic with Lucifer and Mary in the apocalypse world that they are stuck in together. Really, the possibilities of what we can possibly see are endless.

Watch the full season 13 trailer here:

Season 13 Supernatural airs Thursday, October 12, 2017, at 8/7PM CST. If you need more before that, the entire series is on Netflix, or check out our personal MOL bunker!

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