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Hidden gems: Underrated Captain Swan scenes

Amongst the well-known iconic Emma and Hook scenes (pancake scene, middlemist, you’re my happy ending scene, etc), there are some scenes that are underrated. Here are some hidden gems featuring our favorite OUAT ship. I might just need to make this a two-parter article; there’s so many! Because let’s face it: Captain Swan is the most passionate, cutest ship.

The actual dialogue during the pancake scene


Sure, this scene gets super PG-13, but have you really listened to the dialogue in this scene? Because you should; it’s very meaningful and sweet. Emma admits to Hook that she never thought she could be as happy as she is with him. He tells her he feels the same. And that’s a pretty big deal for these two lost souls who found solace within each other. But, yeah, the rest of the scene was *insert fire emoji*.

The ice wall moment


This is literally one of my favorite scenes ever. The worry Hook was battling showed how much he was afraid for Emma. That he wanted her in his arms as soon as possible to ensure she was okay. And then the way Emma willingly went into his arms for his comfort said it all. They heal each other and find comfort in each other’s arms. They were both so relieved to see one another after a frightful situation.

4B coffee opening scene


This scene is so quick that if you blink, you may just miss it. It’s such a simple scene, but honestly, this speaks volumes of their budding romance. They’re so carefree and are totally making heart eyes at one another. It just shows that they’ve fallen into a loving relationship where they do coupley things, like bring the other coffee. Anyone who brings you coffee in the morning is a keeper.

Emma shows Hook childhood memories


Again, this scene is so important. I mean, let’s look at this perspectively. Emma Swan, the woman who trusted no one, let Hook take a sneak peek into her not-so-pleasant childhood. She didn’t have to; she could have slammed that box shut, but she wanted to show him ALL her: the good and bad. And the way he didn’t mock her or show her pity was exactly what she needed. She needed him to be there for her; to comfort her once again.

When Emma hugged Hook after being away for like a day


Aren’t they just the cutest? I say about a fictional couple, almost double my age. Okay, but Emma literally saw Hook like only a day before and look how relieved she is to see him. It’s because she came into contact with her past, and she needed to seek his comfort because she knew he’d understand. Cute AF.

The night before the wedding


Ah the last scene before Emma and Hook became husband and wife. After Emma shows her surprise for him standing to his traditions of not sleeping with the bride the night before, he ensures her she’s stuck with him. To which Emma asks, “promise?”, and Hook simply replies, “aye.” It’s just simple and sweet. That after all the angst they’ve been through, they finally get to get married.

The seashell convo (the tears)


While this scene was super emotional, it gives us so much depth into their love for each other. Emma hears every word Hook is saying to her through the shell, whispering to the shell that she loves him. As he does the same for her, even though he knew she might not be hearing his message. However, these two share some crazy bound that connects them even through different realms.

So while some of these scenes are quick, they hold a world of importance. Captain Swan is, and always will be, one of the greatest love stories on TV. Have a favorite underrated moment between these two? Sound off below!

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