‘Gotham’ recap: 4×03 “They Who Hide Behind Masks”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 03, “They Who Hide Behind Masks,” Aired Oct 5, 2017

What’s green and red and goes round and round? The answer is at the bottom of this recap.

This week gave us backstory, a secret from Falcone, two love plots no one asked for, the return of The Riddler (sort of), and life lessons from Alfred. From Ra’s al Ghul to Myrtle Jenkins to the new gangster Sofia Falcone, the new characters certainly get around – for the most part (sorry, Myrtle). Let’s dive right into “They Who Hide Behind Masks.”

Ra’s al Ghul: The origin story

Gotham recap 4x03 they who hide behind masks ras al ghul

Like most of the other Gotham characters, he was dead and now he’s not. This guy is over 2,000 years old. I have to say, he looks good for his age. Anyway, he died in Arabia and was brought back to life with a very impressive looking Lazarus Pit. There is some serious history with a blade, which comes up again later in the episode – in Penguin’s possession.

Ra’s al Ghul comes looking for the knife, assuming Barbara would have it like she was supposed to. However, Bruce outbid her for the blade. Guess he’s on his way to confront Bruce now.

It turns out Ra’s al Ghul is the one who resurrected Barbara. Oh, and they kiss… no thanks.

Falcone spills a secret

Gotham recap 4x03 they who hide behind masks Jim Gordon and Sofia Falcone

Jim Gordon goes to visit the retried Carmine Falcone. Jim hoped Falcone could use his connections and loyalties to help him bring down Penguin, but Falcone rains on his parade. Turns out Falcone can’t help because he’s dying – and no one knows why. Regardless, he cannot help Jim, but his daughter Sofia accepts the challenge. She certainly proves there is more to her than meets the eye, but did anyone really want her to end up kissing Jim on a beach?

Nygma’s #1 fan

Gotham recap 4x03 they who hide behind masks Myrtle Jenkins and Ed Nygma The Riddler

Myrtle Jenkins – Nygma’s old classmate-turned biggest fan – thaws out The Riddler. She has a collage/shrine-type thing of him, and also mannequins of him. Given that he’s been a popsicle for so long, his muscles (including his brain!) have all atrophied. And she is all too eager to aid him in his recovery. Her only caveat to helping him become the greatest supervillain ever? She becomes his sidekick (The Riddlette).  I mean, maybe that’s not so bad if she keeps making tomato soup with little question marks in it.

Sadly, things don’t end well for this Riddler superfan. Penguin learns that she was the one who thawed Nygma, and he lets Zsasz have fun killing her.

Hiding behind masks

Gotham recap 4x03 they who hide behind masks alfred and bruce

Bruce learns that there are more ways people can hide behind masks than just literally. Bruce has taken right to his vigilante mask, but Alfred – ever the wise – points out that constantly going around in that vigilante mask will put a target on Bruce’s back. So first, Bruce plays the part of a boy on the street looking for his uncle on the ship with Penguin’s cargo. Alfred learns quickly that Bruce could have used some acting lessons along with the fight training, but they manage to pull it off anyway.

Then, Alfred advises Bruce to “play the role that you were born to play.” And Bruce plays the part of a spoiled billionaire brat – very, very well.

Of course, Alfred was right – there are more ways to hide behind masks.


So, what’s green and red and goes round and round? A frog in a blender!


Next week, Barbara gets a new hairstyle and people start dying for the knife Bruce bought for $2 million. Bruce learns more about the knife, and Jim Gordon demands some answers of the young billionaire. I love when Jim and Bruce have scenes together. Regardless of how that goes down, it looks like we’ll see a lot more of Ra’s al Ghul. We didn’t get any update on Ivy tonight, so fingers crossed for next week.


Next week:


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