‘The Gifted’ series premiere recap: 1×01 “eXposed”

The Gifted recap: Season 1, Episode 1, “eXposed,” Aired Oct. 2, 2017

Last night, Fox debuted its highly anticipated new Marvel-inspired series The Gifted. The show definitely lived up to all of the hype. Without a moment of downtime, The Gifted left viewers with their heads spinning and desperately wanting more. There were car chases, teleporting, and even a quick cameo by Stan Lee. What’s not to love?

The GIfted
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Did we mention the eye candy? If your mouth wasn’t hanging open from all of the action and special effects, the cast will get you the rest of the way there. Everyone in this show is gorgeous, even with green contacts.

Mutants on the run and the government are the enemy (sounds familiar, right?). Let’s meet those that are different, shall we?

The Gifted Ones:

  • Polaris – Polaris has the ability to control magnetism, which got her into a lot of trouble in this first episode when she was caught and arrested for attempted murder of a police officer.
  • Blink – With the ability to teleport herself and others at will, we learned immediately that Blink could escape from the police. She was being chased because she teleported out of her detention center.
  • Thunderbird – Thunderbird possesses a superhuman athletic ability and can also detect when people are coming. He was instrumental in this episode in tracking Blink when she was in trouble and then again when the Strucker Family was on the run.
  • Eclipse – New to the Marvel family, Eclipse has the power to light up the room by absorbing and manipulating photons. He’s also got firepower!
The Gifted
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The Strucker Family:

  • Reed Strucker – Stephen Moyer has long since hung up his fangs and is now a district attorney in charge of keeping the public safe from mutants. The lines are suddenly blurred when D.A. Strucker learns that both of his children possess mutant abilities and he must put his family first.
  • Kate Strucker – Just a regular mom who would do anything to protect her kids. When we meet Kate, she’s in the principal’s office with Reed trying to figure out who’s bullying their son at school. She finds out later that her son can definitely take care of himself, but she’ll have to protect him from a government that wants to take him away.
  • Lauren Strucker – Lauren has been keeping a secret from her family for a few years. Her dad is the D.A. in charge of prosecuting mutants. Why would she tell anyone she is one? However, when her brother is in trouble it’s up to her to use her powers of shielding to save them both.
  • Andy Strucker – Andy has no idea that he’s a mutant until the bully’s corner him at the school dance. He lets out a scream that causes the entire building to start to crumble. It alerts his sister that her brother is in trouble and at that moment the Strucker family changes forever.
The Gifted
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Final Thoughts:

The mutants have been underground for a while and they have to stay that way. They’re being hunted. It’s unsafe for them to be out in public. Now that the family is on the run, they too are being tracked by drones.

Since the D.A. can obviously help Eclipse get Polaris back, or at least give him information on where she is, he agrees to help the family. Especially when Reed tells him that Polaris is pregnant.

When their meeting is hijacked by the government agency trying to capture the kids, it’s Blink and Thunderbird that come to their rescue. The agency deploys spider bots to go after the group and Blink is able to teleport everyone except Reed Strucker who is captured. Now there are two major players in jail that our underground task force is going to be fighting to get back.

The Gifted
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Questions for next week:

  1. Will Reed go to a regular jail or the mutant jail?
  2. How will the family handle being without their dad?
  3. It sounds like the underground task force helps mutants across the border frequently. Mexico?

We hope you enjoyed the first episode as much as we did. We’re anxious for next week to find out what will happen to Reed and if the group will be able to get him and Polaris back. Tweet us at @Pure_Fandom or me directly at @ndintelman34 and let us know what you thought!

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9/8c on FOX

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