‘The Deuce’ recap: 1×04 “I See Money”

The Deuce recap: Season 1, Episode 4, “I See Money,” aired Oct 1, 2017

Who would’ve thought we’d be seeing so many actual dates in a show about the casual nature of sex and prostitution? Well, we aren’t mad about it. Here’s everything that went down in The Deuce episode 4!

the deuce episode 4
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Is Candy reaching a breaking point?

The episode starts out with the prostitutes struggling on a slow night because of the rain. Candy takes her business inside of The Deuce theater. Giving head while rats run around is just one of many straws that might be breaking this camel’s back, guys!

the deuce episode 4

Later, Candy finds herself at the Hi-Hat, where Vinnie gives her a round on him because even he can tell she’s had a rough night. While at the bar, a patron asks Candy for a date so they had back to the hotel room. What looks like elation turns out to be cardiac arrest, because her customer dies while she’s going down on him. Candy gets help from neighboring pimps and a cop, but ends up just leaving everything to go over to Thunder Thighs’ room. Frankly, it didn’t even look like the death startled her that much, and Candy is starting to look like she’s jaded from the prostitution gig. While at Thunder’s they start talking about what we can assume is a friend of theirs that died last summer. We’re not sure all of the backstory, but clearly there’s a lot weighing on Candy’s mind about the occupation she’s in.

To top it all off, at the end of the show everyone has heard about the customer who died while with Candy. The entire diner proceeds to poke fun at her and make jokes at her expense until she leaves. Yea, Candy, that film industry is looking better and better daily, girl. We feel you!

Let’s talk about all of those dates

the deuce episode 4
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Abby + Vinnie: We’ve been waiting to see where this would go for a hot minute now. At the end of their shift, Vinnie invites Abby out for a drink. She turns down the drink, but coyly says she’s interested. They end up kissing, and then *GASP* ….go all the way on the billiards table. That moved quickly!!

Sandra Washington + Officer Alston: So we had a peek and knew that something was going to land Sandra in the station. While talking to some prostitutes for her still ambiguous story, she ends up getting pulled in by the police with the rest of the girls. Officer Alston picks her out of the crowd, recognizing that she wasn’t a prostitute, and they exchange numbers. They go on a what’s supposed to be a date, but Sandra brings some fast food in the car while trying to follow some leads on her story. Who says you can’t mix work and play?

the deuce episode 4
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Candy + Jack: While visiting a music store, Candy runs into a new guy named Jack. He immediately shows interest, and after a bit of witty banter (well…most of the wit was Candy’s) he gets her number. After some drawn out deliberation she goes out on a date with him. They kiss, but she calls it a night then. From the outside looking in, it seems Candy feels a little weird about it especially since this is different than her normal “dates”. We wonder, where is this going?

Rudy and Tommy get serious

Vinnie finds himself in hot water when the guys working at Bobby’s decide that patience is a virtue. A number of workers turn back to cashing their checks at the bank to save the 5% which poses a problem to the side hustle.

the deuce episode 4
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Tommy visits Vinnie at the Hi-Hat after receiving a call. Vinnie reached out to him to come get some money Frankie made while gambling before he goes and blows it, creating more debt for the twins. After collecting Frankie’s winnings, Tommy casually asks Vince the names of the workers who were trying to go back to cashing their checks at the bank. Vinnie replies with one last name, but doesn’t realize the impact this has. The sharks seek out the worker and make an example of him by beating the crap out of him.

Although flourishing, Vinnie finds himself with multiple concerns at the bar. Paul seems conflicted about staying at the Hi-Hat as he might want to follow his own ambitions. A bar fight breaks out that is a little bit more than Mike can handle. During this fight, we get an awesome girls moment between Abby and Darlene while hiding in the bathroom. Abby asks the big questions as to why Darlene is a prostitute. Darlene has burned her bridges with her family and doesn’t feel she can go back to her old life (but later we see Abby getting Darlene a plane ticket back). After the fight, Rudy and Tommy suggest that Vinnie get’s some muscle (in the way of guns) to show a bit more force. This leads us to meeting a brand new member of the bar team, Black Frankie, who is selling the guns and soon to be more security with Mike.

the deuce episode 4
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Rudy and Tommy take Vinnie to some random building. They tell him they have some big plans for him. It’s going to lead to a lot of money and he’s the perfect business guy to pull it off. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!? 

The episode cuts before we find more out. Is it going to be an adult film building? And then Vinnie and Candy can make the biggest empire known to man? Ugh, we can only hope for that team up.

So what did you all think of this week’s episode of The Deuce? Do you think Paul is going to stay at the Hi-Hat? Is Darlene going to actually fly back to her aunt? What is this new venture the sharks have for Vinnie? Let us know your thoughts!


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