‘American Horror Story: Cult’ recap: Episode 7×04, “11/9”

American Horror Story: Cult recap: Season 7, Episode 4, “11/9”, Aired Sept. 26, 2017 

Let’s get to it! This episode makes me want to scream, “I KNEW IT!” If you read my last article, I counted down the top 3 people I felt were involved with Kai Anderson’s cult, and I think I hit the nail on the head. So I’ve got to pat myself on the back guys! Let’s break down this week’s episode and why it really was the missing puzzle piece we needed for this season!

Election Night

“Back to you Bob” really should be the name of this episode in all honesty. The episode opens up on election night, and brilliantly, we have all our characters that have been introduced so far standing in line waiting to vote. Now, of course, they aren’t all standing together, but they aren’t far apart from each other, which makes you think how could any of these characters not have had previous interactions.


Not to mention, we have our lovely Emma Roberts back in American Horror Story, but sadly not for long.

Finally, more Evan Peters

Finally, we get a lot of Evan Peters in this episode. We have been lacking a lot of screen time from him since episode 1. They really hit us hard this time around with Kai Anderson — showing us exactly how much of a mastermind he actually can be. Right off the bat, we see Kai and Harrison’s first interactions. It really is pretty neat to see Kai lay the groundwork for “converting” Harrison to his side. It’s very seldom I feel like in TV and movies do we see a leader recruit for his group, or in this case, a cult. Kai comes onto Harrison pretty strong, saying things like, “he will die for his people” while looking Harrison dead in the eye. You can tell Harrison doesn’t know what to think of Kai at first, but you see almost a 360 with Harrison. He loses his house and pretty much everything. This really shows him that he has no one to believe in but Kai, and he quickly starts listening to Kai as if he controlled his body. We see Harrison kill his boss at the drop of a finger and immediately act like he didn’t understand why he did it. Not too long after this, we see Meadow jump right on board with Kai and Harrison. To me, that really shows how manipulative Kai really is. He isn’t just changing people’s opinions and views, but leading them to serious actions as well. Kai remains calm through out the whole thing, because just like a strong leader, he has everything covered; which shows everyone this is someone they can trust.

American Horror Story 119


Beverly…. Kai’s next target! Never would I have thought Kai could figure out Beverly’s anger just from watching her say, “Back to you Bob,” on the news. Kai really knows how to zone in on the details in someone’s voice or the look in their eyes. Now, much to her credit, she doesn’t fall victim to the cult right away. She is pretty reserved thinking Kai is just spilling B.S. to her, but he has enough power to at least get her to have dinner with him to hear him out. Oh, look where they are having dinner — it’s Butchery on Main. I mean Ally and Ivy only own the place. This dude has thought of EVERYTHING! Kai, though, once again proves his loyalty to Beverly by killing Emma Roberts character, which totally made me sad. I have missed Emma Roberts in American Horror Story for years, and to see her come and go so fast hurt my little heart. It must have been weird for Evan Peters to have his real life girlfriend, Emma Roberts, killed in the episode.


Is Ivy in the cult?

FINALLY my biggest conspiracy is almost proved true in this episode — Ivy having something to do with this cult. Now, we don’t see any direct interaction between Kai and Ivy, but pretty dang close guys! We get confirmation that Aly and Winter have met before this whole babysitting gig, which pretty much confirms why Winter got the job. I could just feel that with the way Ivy and Winter talked to each other in previous episodes that they knew each other somehow. Not only do we get confirmation they know each other, but they worked together on taking the guy from the grocery store hostage.


This is where it gets interesting, because we don’t see any communication between Kai and Ivy, but Kai has to know what is going on because Winter easily spills everything to Kai after they capture the grocery store guy. This is pretty much the end of this episode, which leaves us obviously with more questions now. Is Ivy a part of this cult? I believed all along she was just from the way she reacted towards Aly’s outbursts. We can’t be 100 percent sure on this yet, though. American Horror Story has been known to throw some major curve balls towards the middle of a season, and we are almost there.

Real quick, I want to say thank you to everyone who stops by Pure Fandom to read my articles of me freaking out over American Horror Story each week! I mean, it’s literately what I do when I write these articles and freak out with excitement! I am a YouTuber so writing articles is a totally new avenue for me and it’s fun to share my American Horror Story passion with you all. Anyways, guys thank you all for reading and I know I am ready for the next episode. I just know at some point I am going to flip a table before this season is over from being too excited, and I’ll be sure to let you know when I do!

American Horror Story: Cult airs Tuesday’s at 10 pm EST only on FX!



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