‘Fear the Walking Dead’ recap: 3×13 “This Land Is Your Land”

Fear the Walking Dead recap: Season 3, Episode 13, “This Land Is Your Land,” Aired Oct 1, 2017

Wow, you might need a breather after the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Actress Alycia Debnam-Carey, who plays Alicia Clark, truly shined in what was one of the most emotionally intense episodes to date. The remainder of the ranch hold refuge in the underground pantry taking the test for survival to a whole new level. As matters go from bad to worse, the difficult decisions fall to Alicia. But there is no coming back from what plays out in this episode.

ftwd season 3 episode 13

Biggest takeaways from 3×13:

Running out of time. Alicia, Crazy Dog, and Ofelia led the group of surviving ranchers into the underground pantry. Unfortunately, there is another threat as the group will quickly run out of air. A blocked vent is preventing airflow into the shelter which will kill everyone inside. Alicia assists with the difficult decision in convincing bitten members of the group to sacrifice themselves so the others have a better chance of living. She is then tasked with the heart-wrenching sequence of injecting them with morphine before taking their lives. As Alicia is overcome with emotion, one woman reminds her that the group trust her and it is time to be strong.

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Stuck in tight spots. Not only are the ranchers stuck underground running out of air, a few other characters find themselves in similar situations. Crazy Dog and Ofelia find themselves struggling while traveling through the air vents. At one point, Crazy Dog has a panic attack reawakening feeling he had after the war. Thankfully, Ofelia calms him down so they can continue the mission. Nick and Troy are up above figuring out a plan to distract the infected so they can rescue everyone from the pantry. The duo hide out in the helicopter after failing to target the fuel tanks. The horde follows and starts breaking their way in and now everyone’s survival chances are diminishing fast.

Alicia’s fight. As we have seen in previous episodes of Fear the Walking Dead, Alicia has emerged as a competent leader. Her arc has taken a turn this season as the difficult decisions she has made have taken a toll on her. Not only does Alicia have to deal with killing her neighbors for the sake of the other survivors, now some of them are turning after lack of oxygen. After sharing a story about how much she looked up to her brother when they were kids, Alicia starts to lose consciousness. In a last ditch effort, Ofelia fixes the air vent and ultimately saves Alicia. She wakes up and uses the armory to fight for her life.

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Running from fear. The final moments of the episode are pretty heavy. Madison, Strand, and Walker come to the rescue by blowing up the fuel tanks providing Nick, Troy, Alicia, Ofelia, and Crazy Dog to escape. Sadly, none of the ranchers made it out alive despite Alicia’s best efforts. Madison tells Ofelia that her father is alive and Alicia learns Jake’s fate. Whether it is the shock or the exhaustion, Alicia informs Madison that she is not going with them to the dam. Instead, Alicia decides to travel to the cabin Jake mentioned. She can longer repeat seeing those around her killed moving from location to location in fear. Madison surprisingly allows her to go off on her own. To make sure Alicia gets there safely, Nick and Troy follow.

The game-changing episode essentially wiped out the ranchers so that the core group is once again left standing. It was pretty surprising that Madison didn’t put up a fight and allowed Alicia to go off on her own. As we very well know, everything goes awry when the group splits up. Maybe she understands that her daughter needs time alone to find solace. Looking back, Madison never had much time to grieve after the death of Travis.

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