‘The Mist’ favorite characters and why we loved them

The end

We’ve already discussed how The Mist is over. Since we don’t handle talking about that very well, we’re going to send you here to read about that. The ending to the story is up to you now. Unless another network picks up our show (oh we hope someone does) the ending will never be known.

But even though it’s over, we can look back at things we once had. We’ve already discussed what we loved about the show. Now, let’s discuss why we loved the characters. Besides the fact that exceptionally talented actors played them. So, let’s take it from the top!


Morgan Spector wasn’t just lovely to look at. He was our hero from start to finish. Morgan brought Kevin to life for us and had us rooting for him at every turn. We stood by him through thick and thin and almost lost it every time his life seemed to hang in the balance. Thank you Morgan Spector, for making Kevin Copeland so memorable!


Alyssa Sutherland is the epitome of a strong female. How could she not be after owning it on Vikings? She brought the tough personality with her to Eve. Alyssa’s character is a tough mama bear. A woman willing to do anything to protect her daughter. Thank you Alyssa Sutherland, for playing a strong female character that constantly had us cheering!


Gus Birney brought a lot of skill to the table. She showed us an innocent girl who turned into a warrior. Alex had to grow up fast. She didn’t have the option of hesitating when making decisions. Gus showed us a girl who knew what she wanted and was willing to do whatever it took to get it. Thank you Gus Birney, for showing us no matter the circumstances, you can rise up and take control!


Danica Curcic burst onto the scene like a whirlwind. She immediately established Mia as an alpha female. She made it clear she’d never taken crap from anyone, and wasn’t about to start. Mia was strong, capable, and smart. Thank you Danica Curcic, for giving us a character that overcame a numerous obstacles and came out the other side stronger than ever!


Okezie Morro was the first character we saw when The Mist began. He brought power and compassion to Bryan and had us rooting for him. Even when we found out he was actually Jonah and possibly responsible for the mist. We don’t care what he did, he redeemed himself several times over! Thank you Okezie Morro, for giving us a character to root for, even when things got complicated.


When we first see Luke Cosgrove’s character Jay, we assume he’s your typical jock. We could not have been more wrong! Luke brought a special kind of vulnerability and strength to Jay that had us in tears at his ending. Thank you Luke Cosgrove, for giving us all the feels and showing us a real hero!


We could go on all day about Connor. Darren Pettie brought so much talent to the screen with this character. We were all so conflicted on how to feel about him! Thank you Darren Pettie, for making us love you and hate you at the same time throughout the entire series!


In the beginning we loved him. In the end we hated him. But for some reason we found ourselves feeling sorry for him somewhere in the middle. The reason for that would be the dimensions Russell Posner brought to the character. Thank you Russell Posner, for giving us a character we’re going to be stuck thinking about forever!


Frances Conroy brought something to the character of Nathalie that couldn’t be done by anyone else. In the beginning we thought she would be the hero. The one with all the answers. But she ended up being a little on the crazy side. Thank you Frances Conroy, for giving us a character that could play both sides so well!


Romaine Waite, you had us fooled. We all thought Kyle was the underdog good guy. That’s what he seemed at first. But Kyle turned fairly quickly and his ending reflected his choices. Thank you Romaine Waite, for giving us a character that kept us on our toes and rooting for him to end up the hero!


So many things we could say about Gus. Isiah Whitlock Jr. brought so much to this character. When he started off, we were all rooting for the Mall Mayor. But by the end, we just wanted him gone. Thank you Isiah Whitlock Jr., for creating such a controversial character that we didn’t know whether to love him or hate him!


At first, we didn’t care for Vic. But Eric Knudsen redeemed the character flawlessly. He had us going back and forth on what we wanted to happen to Vic. In the end, he saved the day on more than one occasion! Thank you Eric Knudsen, for giving us an unlikely hero to root for!


Shelley constantly had us feeling compassionate towards her, no matter what bad decisions she made. We felt her sadness and anger over losing her little girl. This was all because of the talented Alexandra Ordolis. So thank you Alexandra Ordolis, for giving us the feels and making us understand how far a mother will go for her child!

Father Romanov

He was kind of a butt hole right from the beginning, but was right about some things. Thanks to Dan Butler showing such talent with this part, we got to see things from a different perspective. Thank you Dan Butler, for giving us a character we loved to hate!

What reasons did you have to love the characters of The Mist on Spike? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to check Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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