‘Gotham’ recap: 4×02 “The Fear Reaper”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 02, “The Fear Reaper,” Aired Sept 28, 2017

This episode brings us one step closer to Batman and Poison Ivy, but the Scarecrow is keeping us busy until then. Jonathan Crane and Penguin both provoke Gordon, who is definitely rubbing off on Bruce because the both of them keep being numbskulls and walking head-first into danger. Harvey and Alfred have lost control, and they both continue winning the episode.

Also, anyone else want more cowbell after reading the episode title? One thing’s for sure, Jim Gordon does not fear the (fear) reaper.

“I feared the scarecrow, and now we are one”

Gotham recap 4x02 The Fear Reaper Scarecrow Jonathan Crane

Jonathan Crane is no more. In his place stands the absolutely horrifying Scarecrow. If the Scarecrow and his grim reaper-looking blade weren’t nightmare-inducing enough on their own, he also possesses a serum that makes people see their biggest fears. He builds an army of other mental patients and holds a pretty strong grudge against Jim for his father’s murder. Yeah, things are looking grim for the GCPD.

Jim Gordon, always the hero

Gotham recap 4x02 The Fear Reaper Jim Gordon and Scarecrow

Jim Gordon, being Jim Gordon, decides that bringing Crane in would show Gotham that its police are still powerful. Well, in typical Jim Gordon fashion, he’s walking straight into head-to-head battle with a classic Batman villain. And being Jim Gordon, he overcomes his biggest fear like the hero he is.

So, what is Jim Gordon most afraid of? Lee dying in a bathtub of her own blood, telling Jim how he ruined everything they could have had. It’s a pretty gory scene, but, of course, Jim powers through it.

While he may have bested the Scarecrow temporarily, he is quick to put himself back in danger, heading to recruit Falcone to help him take down Penguin.

Barbara is back

Gotham recap 4x02 The Fear Reaper Barbara is back

“It’s Gotham. Check for a pulse next time.”

Does anyone stay dead on this show? So far, no.

Barbara is back, and she has plans. That moment of the wall turning and revealing a, frankly, impressive collection of weapons was definitely epic. I think Selina was tempted to accept the business partnership right then and there, but Tabitha (understandably) needed some more convincing. But she does eventually join. This is one business partnership that is sure to be amusing.

Alfred to the rescue… again

Gotham recap 4x02 The Fear Reaper Alfred saves Bruce

Bruce – a typical teenager – ignores Alfred’s lecture about how he isn’t ready to go out there and play vigilante and gets himself into a bit of a scrape. But Alfred always comes through at just the right moment to make sure Bruce makes it home in one piece. Forget Batman. Alfred is the real hero here.

Ivy wants to be taken seriously

Gotham recap 4x02 The Fear Reaper Ivy

Ivy is one of my favorite Batman characters, and she just keeps getting closer to her villain persona. Her portion of tonight’s episode ended with her drinking some dangerous, powerful potions in attempt to make herself stronger. I cannot wait to see what the results of those potions are on her. More Ivy, please!


Next week’s episode promises drama. Jim Gordon heads to ask Falcone for help taking down Penguin, and it looks like Jim gets caught up with Falcone’s daughter (aka the sister of the man Gordon killed). Oh, boy. Meanwhile, Bruce continues his crime fighting, and Selina is up to something – potentially related to Bruce’s hero work.. Here’s hoping that leads to some cute Batcat moments next Thursday.

Next week:

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Gotham airs Thursday nights on FOX at 8/7c.

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