‘Fear the Walking Dead’ recap: 3×12 “Brother’s Keeper”

Fear the Walking Dead recap: Season 3, Episode 12, “Brother’s Keeper,” Aired Sept 24, 2017

We are three quarters of the way through Fear the Walking Dead‘s third season and the ranch’s hope for survival is quickly diminishing. Madison, Strand, and Walker have yet to return to the ranch after their successful water mission. There is no guessing what they will come back to as a massive herd of the infected in obliterating the ranch. The eventful episode saw major shifts in power, risky decisions, and a few deaths. And that’s not all.

fear the walking dead season 3 episode 12 ofelia

Biggest takeaways from 3×12:

Troy is back. Oh, hey Troy, back so soon? It certainly didn’t take Troy very long to make his way back to the ranch. After scavenging for supplies at the old outpost, he discovers a herd of infected heading right for the his old homestead. At one point Troy debates killing himself with the only bullet he has left. Instead, he makes his way back to warn Nick of a new threat. Troy’s mental health has always been in question and it looks like he finally reached the point of no return.

The reckoning. Troy’s sleep-deprived warning for Nick mentioned a reckoning involving a beast of biblical proportion. The threat that was true but what was Troy’s motivation in telling Nick? Did he want to tip them off so they could defend themselves? Or was he hoping it would wipe out the camp? The answer comes when Nick and Jake find Troy using explosions to lead the infected right to the ranch. Jake’s weakness always involved protecting his brother and rather than ending him once in for all, Jake met his own demise. After Jake is bitten, Nick attempts to cut off the arm to save him. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work since they can’t make it back to the ranch. RIP Jake.

fear the walking dead jakes death

Nick’s guilt. Nick is definitely stuck in the middle of the ranchers and the members of the Nation. As awful as Troy has been, Nick feels an odd connection to him as if they are similar in some ways. There is also the guilt of killing Otto and causing Troy to spiral out of control. Nick constantly tries to give Troy another chance and once again it backfires. Jake is dead and the ranch is under attack. This time there is nothing to do but stand by and watch.

Alicia’s leadership role. Jake’s leadership role has always been in question and for a while it looked like Madison would eventually take charge. Now, it looks like a new member of the Clark family is emerging as a suitable leader. Alicia has been the voice of reason for the majority of the season and the rest of the ranch has is starting to take notice. She has the respect of the ranchers and Walker’s group as she has become an efficient negotiator for both sides. Alicia genuinely fights for all members of the ranch without a bigger motive. After helping lead the camp to safety in the pantry, she will have to assist Crazy Dog and Ofelia into figuring out their next steps for survival.

fear the walking dead season 3 episode 12 alicia

As Alicia tries to protect those in the pantry, Nick and Troy will have to band together in coming up with a plan from the outside. Without the help of Madison and Walker and with Jake gone, Nick and Troy might be the ranch’s only hope.

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