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5 Things we want to see in ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ season 3

At the end of its second season, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend made a huge shift in the direction of its narrative. The first and second season were all about loving Josh Chan. Rebecca’s singular goal was to date and then marry her summer camp sweetheart. This year, she plans to destroy him. We cannot wait. Here are five things we hope to see during Rebecca’s quest for vengeance.

1. Girl. Freaking. Power.

crazy ex-girlfriend

Did you see that power pose at the end of season two? These girls are out for blood and we are here for it. The show has slowly been shifting its focus to the ladies and season three should continue that trend. We would much rather watch a group of kick-ass women take their revenge than watch Rebecca cry over Josh’s alter-abandonment, even though she probably does need to address her feelings of rejection at some point.

2. More catchy tunes

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Okay, this one is a given. This is one wish that we are sure will be granted in season 3. Rachel Bloom and her team just never fail to slay the music game, getting song after song permanently lodged in our heads. Come on, who doesn’t find themselves humming “You Stupid Bitch” when they make a dumb mistake? We can’t wait for more relatable and hilarious songs to belt out on our morning commute.

3. Greg


This may not be the most popular opinion around, but we really want Greg back. He was an essential part of the show and it just hasn’t felt the same without him. Sure, his relationship with Rebecca was a shit show (his words) but it could totally be remedied. And even if it can’t, we want his dry humor back, whether he dates Rebecca or not!

4. Rebecca & Paula’s iconic friendship


We gotta admit, as much as we love the girl group, we miss Paula and Rebecca’s friendship. Sure, they are still close, but things changed during the latter half of season two. We hope that season three brings them back together, but maybe with a healthier dynamic than they’ve previously had.

5. Rebecca’s mental illness

No rational viewer can deny that Rebecca Bunch has some issues that desperately need attending to. Her various attempts at bagging Josh are hilarious, but they are the result of a much bigger underlying problem. The show has hinted at Rebecca’s mental illness multiple times, and has even taken a couple hits at the romanticization of depression and anxiety, but at this point in the story, we need more. If nothing else on this list happens, we hope season three features Rebecca getting help for her issues. Such a storyline would be great to see, and inspiring for any viewers who feel they cannot escape their own mental illness.

It’s unlikely for all of these things to happen, but if they did, season three would easily be the best season yet. And with a strong possibility of it being the show’s last (please, no) it may be Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s final chance.

Love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Well, you’re in luck! We will be covering Bex’s wacky antics all season long with weekly recaps. If you can’t wait until October 13th, head over here to relive the best musical moments of the show so far. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returns October 13th at 8/7c on the CW.


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