‘This Is Us’ Season 2 Premiere recap: 2×01 “A Father’s Advice”

This Is Us Season 2 Premiere recap: Season 2, Episode 1, “A Father’s Advice,” Aired Sept. 26, 2017

Well, we managed to survive the first episode of This Is Us season 2 – at least, I think we did. There was so much to focus on in this episode, and we got some big clues about what’s in store for the Pearson household. Of course, there are still questions we have, but at least we have an idea of what happened to Jack Pearson. But do we? There’s still an entire season to find out.

In the meantime, let’s go over what went down in the first episode of This Is Us season 2.

Birthday celebration

The Big 3 are celebrating their birthdays, as they are now 37 years old. Randall is excited to be moving forward with adopting a child. However, it becomes apparent throughout the episode that Beth is still not as on board as she claimed to be. Kate is preparing to audition to be the lead singer in a band. Kevin is doing well in his new acting gig, but he misses Sophie, who can’t make it to his birthday dinner due to a family situation.

Catching a breath

In the past, Rebecca and Jack talk to the kids, informing them of the issues they have been facing. They let them know they are not divorcing. The couple is just taking a few days to themselves. The kids leave, upset, while Rebecca tells Jack she needs time to not feel so disappointed in the situation.

We soon find out that young Randall actually came home from the party early and heard his parents fighting, but left so he wouldn’t be discovered. Whether or not he ever told them he heard the fight is not revealed, but we do get to see his love and care for his mother segue toward a conversation he has with her in the present about the adoption. She tells him how she was against adopting Randall at first, but his father pushed and he eventually became her child.

Tensions rising

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It is not just Beth and Randall having issues, but also Toby and…Kevin? It looks like Toby needs to figure out how to get his foot in the door with the family now that he’s Kate’s soon-to-be husband – namely, her twin brother who she is very close to. Toby wants to be the one she turns to now, but he finds it difficult considering her close relationship with Kevin.

Granted, the two do need to figure out how to live their own lives, but Toby takes it very personally when Kate informs Kevin about leaving her audition before him. Toby is adamant he be the one Kate turns to, but she gets mad at both of them for assuming that she needs a man to coddle her. You go, girl!

Father’s advice

William may not be with the family in the present, but he still manages to be there for advice. Beth remembers a conversation the two had about how Randall can be pushy when he wants something. She has been going to his favorite spot to wrap her head around the possibility of raising another child.

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Perfectly imperfect

After talking with his mother and realizing he doesn’t want to be like his parents, Randall goes to Beth and she tells him about another idea she had regarding the adoption. Instead of having a baby, her idea is to take in an older child who doesn’t have anyone to look out for them.

Going for it

Kate tries out for the band again! While she works on the audition, Kevin talks to Toby about how he and his sister have been by each other’s side their whole lives. He even reveals she was the one to tell him their father passed away. As for Kate, she finds out that it wasn’t her weight that caused her to blow the audition, it was just that she wasn’t as good as she could be since she needed more practice. After her audition, Kevin decides to give the couple alone time and he leaves to find his own birthday surprise waiting for him. This is good for Kevin, as he does need to find his own way and not always be dependent on his sister. Time will tell how he forges his own path.

Get in the car

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Rebecca goes to Jack, who has been staying at Miguel’s during their fight. She wants to work things out, but he is afraid to go back while he is having trouble with his drinking. Instead of letting him close the door on her, Rebecca convinces Jack to come home with her so they can get through this hurdle together. We get a glimpse into their future and a devastating clue is given for what happened to Jack the night he died. Rebecca drives down the street with a bag of possessions beside her while Randall and Kate cry at Miguel’s house. Kate tearfully tells her little brother they have to find Kevin to tell him. He is seen making out with a girl, not knowing his family’s plight. So what happened to their father? Something that involved the family’s home being on fire.

Of course, we have an idea of what happened to the patriarch of the Pearson family but we still don’t have all the answers. What started the fire? How does this tragedy lead Kate to blaming herself for their father’s death? The clue of his death has been called one of the many pieces of the puzzle and we might have gotten other pieces in the scene with the kids. There is still plenty of time to speculate for the rest of the season as we await the next episodes.

The season premiere set up great plot lines and even more questions for us to sink our teeth into. What did you think of the reveal regarding how Jack died?

How did you like the episode? Tell us what you thought below in the comments or find us on Twitter! We’ll see you next week!

This Is Us airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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