‘The Deuce’ recap: 1×03 “The Principle Is All”

The Deuce recap: Season 1, Episode 3, “The Principle Is All,” aired Sept 24, 2017

New business ventures are all on the horizon in The Deuce this week. Between Candy’s budding interest in film from last week, and our favorite Franko twins opening their own bar, we’re starting to get into the thick of their stories. Here’s our The Deuce recap for everything that happened in the most recent episode “The Principle Is All”.

Back in business

Vinnie and Frankie (well….mostly Vinnie) immediately get to work on their new bar. As of last episode, Rudy Pipilo had set the twins up with remodeling and bringing to life a brand new bar after seeing what Vinnie could do. While working on the remodeling, an angered man claiming to be a business partner shows up. His name is Phil Traub and he has his stakes in the games (billiards, juke box, etc.) at the bar. In Frankie’s typical fashion, he goes around smashing the machines to pieces to prove a point. Hey Frankie, you’re cool and all, but we bet this is going to bite you in the ass.

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Rolling Stone

The Hi-Hat bar proves to be a possible new home for Abby, after dropping out. She’s strung out of money, struggling to make rent, and just quit her job at the call center. To top it all off, she gets robbed after hooking up with a former coworker. She seeks out Vincent and finds him at the new bar on opening night, where she dons one of the sexy leotards and works in the evening.

When it comes to opening night, the bar is a great success. All of our favorite pimps and prostitutes find themselves here. Darlene and Abby start to become friends over literature, and from the way it looks….Abby’s got some pimp eyes on her. We wonder, where is this going? Even if Abby doesn’t understand prostitution, will she be getting some offers?

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Den of Geek

Also, let’s not forget that there’s still some sexual tension between Vinnie and Abby. Based on the scenes for next week, it continues to draw out some juicy tension.

Candy’s artistic awakening

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Spoiler TV

Candy and fellow prostitute friend, Ruby “Thunder Thighs”, go to watch an actual film in the making. While viewing it, they talk about the stipulations of the filming. From Candy’s expressions and last episode, she’s clearly showing an interest in getting into film. The question is, in what way does she want to be involved?

Candy, her mom, and her son go out for some food and we get a better look at this. Her mom fires shots again about Candy’s work saying how “some people gotta make a living lying flat on their backs.” After she apologizes, Candy talks to her in private about how she may be making changes in her career. Her intent is to start a new venture in the movie business, starting as commercials and going from there.

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Candy reaches out to the porn director from the film she went to see and asks him to lunch. When they meet up, he offers to put her in one of her films. However, she’s rightfully picky about the pay and royalties of just being the girl on the camera. She flat out says she wants to learn how to make movies. We expect her exploration to lead to her making some major changes in the shooting of pornography within the next few episodes. Besides, she isn’t going to let some other man ever make money off of her. We’re hoping this is her ticket out of the dangerous prostitute life she’s been living, especially after hearing that call from her regular customer telling her he has an STD.

New kid on the block

In this episode of The Deuce, we’re introduced to a new character, Mike. We first see him almost choke a guy out in a headlock, followed by fleeing the scene of a stabbing. His erratic behavior had us guessing where this was going.

In a surprising turn of events, Mike is the one who saves the day when Phil Traub shows up. While Vinnie offers a round at the bar, Traub pulls a gun out. Mike doesn’t hesitate to diffuse the situation. Later after the bar closes, Vinnie says he’ll see him the next day at nine, assuming he’s offered him a job most likely as security.

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Dark Horizons

Questions we’re left with

What are we going to see from Sandra Washington? This is the second time we’ve briefly seen the reporter approach a prostitute. She’s clearly interested in digging deeper into the life of a prostitute, and from what it looks like next week she may find out first-hand. It looks like she gets taken in to the police station with a group of girls.

What’s going to happen with Bobby? He suffered a heart attack this episode. We know his hospitalization is taking a toll on the family, in terms of income and overtime, even with the help from medical insurance.

Also, what’s up with this new down-low police policy? While we didn’t see it come into action this episode, we can probably expect to find more next week.

the deuce recap

The loan sharks dipped their hands into politics this episode, discussing their involvement with the upcoming election. It also seems as those they might be trying to fix up the area. Where is this going?

What did you all think of this week’s episode of The Deuce? Have anything to add to our The Deuce recap? What are your expectations for next week? Let us know!


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