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‘Teen Wolf’ 6B: 11 things we loved and 7 things we hated

(Spoilers for Teen Wolf 6B below!)

It’s hard to believe that Teen Wolf is actually over! Now that the dust and emotions of the show’s final episode has settled, let’s take another look at the final ten episodes! Teen Wolf 6B was all about fear and while we were entertained, we didn’t love everything that unfolded in the finale stretch our fav wolfie drama.

Here are the 11 things we loved and the 7 things we hated.

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Loved – Liam’s non-romantic story line. Much of Liam’s story in previous seasons had been wrapped up in Hayden and even when it wasn’t, he was making out with her somewhere. We loved their love story, but it was great to see Liam on his own trying to become the leader Scott knew he could be.

Hated – The lack of Stydia. After 6a’s build up of this couple, 6b completely ignored them. We get that Dylan had scheduling conflicts, but they could have thrown in few text conversations or even a Stiles mention now and then. Because really, up until 6×20 it seemed like he was actually taken by the Wild Hunt and forgotten all together. And then when he did return for 6×20, the couple interacted but barely touched. After years of build up, a few sweet canon couple moments would have been great! The lack of affection was super strange.

Loved – The music! It was AMAZING in 6B!

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Loved – Scott. We always love Scott but in season 6B we were reminded of why. Scott’s refusal to kill and his optimism never faltered in this final fight and it’s why he is a True Alpha of his pack and our hearts. He was willing to fight for the people of Beacon Hills, even when they turned on him. He has come so far and we are so proud of him!

Hated – That Jackson/Lydia hug. He was terrible to her and then moved away. Having her be more excited to see him than her current boyfriend just felt off.

Loved – That Stiles was at the FBI. He had all of the FBI swag!

Hated – That Stiles was at the FBI. We missed him so much.

teen wolf 6x11 photos

Loved – Stiles and Derek’s return. Sterek shipper or not, there is no denying that these two together are gold. We loved how they each remember their stories differently in 6×20 and how even though Derek rolls his eyes at everything Stiles says, he still carried that nine toed boy away from the danger.

Hated – The Anuk-Ite resolution. We get that mountain ash traps the supernatural, but we still aren’t sure how it turned the Anuk-Ite to stone and freed everyone else. It was kind of a ‘meh’ ending to the show’s final villain.

Loved – The newbies. Nolan may have been a major pain in the ass, Gabe was kind of the worst and Monroe was insane, but these characters were a great addition to the show! They each represented a different side of the fear and we loved to hate them!

Teen Wolf — “ ” — Photo Credit: Scott Everett White/MTV — © 2016 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved

Loved – Morey! Mason and Corey had such a sweet moment in the series finale!

Hated – That Monroe got away. It would have been great to see her demise but she escaped just in time. It leaves things open for future stories but she deserved a Malia kick to the head for what she put the pack through.

Loved – Coach. He is always a gem but in 6×20 he was particularly wonderful!

Hated – That Kira didn’t come back and that she wasn’t really mentioned in 6B at all. We know she went with the Skinwalkers, but it would have been nice to have some closure on her character and her relationship with Scott.


Loved – Scott and Malia. We love how they started as great friends who trusted each other and fought together and then they started to develop romantic feelings. They make a super cute couple!

Hated – How rushed Scott and Malia felt at times. It made sense for them to be attracted to each other and it gave us some great moments, but we would have loved to see even more build up of this relationship in earlier seasons. It went from zero to shower sex pretty quickly.

Loved – The Theo redemption arc. He started as a villain but Theo really started to change in Season 6 after his time in “Hell” with his sister. Seeing the Theo and Liam’s unique bond develop was amazing. They went from fighting each other to fighting side by side and we loved it. Also, seeing Theo take Gabe’s pain was such a great moment for his character. We won’t forget what he has done but this is a huge step in the right direction for him.

Teen Wolf — Series Finale “Episode 620” — Photo Credit: Scott Everett White/MTV — © 2016 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved

Loved – The last scene of the series. It left the door open for more and that’s what we want.

What did you love about Teen Wolf 6B and the series finale? Hit the comments or find us on Twitter!

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