‘American Horror Story: Cult’ recap: 7×03 “Neighbors From Hell”

American Horror Story: Cult recap: Season 1, Episode 1, “Neighbors From Hell”, Aired Sept. 19, 2017

Oh, this is going to be fun! The episode jumped around a lot, opening more doors to our room of constant questions for this season. This seriously might be in my top 3 favorite seasons of all time so far. It would be hard to beat out season 1, because well, we got Tate, am I right fan girls? So veering off from my normal format of picking two topics from the episode to discuss, I am going to countdown the top 3 people I think are involved with this cult as of this episode!



Now this one is really the obvious one when you watch the show. Even when they show up as the new neighbors before they say anything, you think, ‘yup they are in the cult for sure.’ I mean, c’mon — a beehive in the backyard? A beehive is only the main image for American Horror Story: Cult, but it could be there to throw us off. Anything is possible right now!

In episode 3, we see both Harrison and Meadow meet up with Kai (the supposed cult leader) to do the infamous pinky promise. What is weird, though, is they are both there separately and not together which leads me to think they both have their own agendas they don’t want the other to know about. We see that Kai tends to take more of a liking to Harrison over Meadow (judging from slapping her in the face after her remark about Real Housewives), so to Kai, she isn’t taking it serious. I think this might have led to her “death” at the end of the episode. Kai almost seemed to be forcing Harrison to say he wanted her dead, even though he doesn’t want that at all. I think Kai just needs to hear those words in order to justify the killing.

Another notable from this episode is Mr. Guinea exploding in the microwave; I honestly don’t feel like the Wilton’s had anything to do with it. We can’t forget Winter has access to the house, and I feel when something happens in Ally and Ivy’s house, the show is quick to blame someone else besides Winter… even though we clearly see since episode 1 that Winter is involved with Kai.

Dr. Rudy Vincent


The therapist has been shady since day one in my book. The way he words things and his mannerisms towards Ally make him seem like he just doesn’t care and that it’s all just amusing to him. The episode even opens up with a patient we have never seen before talking about her fear of being locked in coffins and claiming Dr. Vincent has cured her after all these years. Then boom, cut to her at home and the clowns are waiting there to lock her and her significant other in separate coffins! This is not a coincidence — there is obviously something else foul at play.

Dr. Vincent’s responses are in no way helpful to Ally whenever she has a problem. His solution always seems to be to take her out of the picture, such as inpatient therapy or pills. Yes, her reactions towards things are very overboard, but at no point does he suggest having Ally try a different way of thinking about things, or heck, even just being there for her! In fact, you see him cut her off more than you do anything. When Ally really starts to go off, Dr. Vincent steps in with a “we are out of time”! If I may take a page from Michelle Tanner’s book… HOW RUDE!


Frank Ockenfels/FX

All right, here we go — the one I have been waiting to bring up! Am I really going out on a limb on this one or not? I feel like I am not honestly. I didn’t feel this way until episode 2, though. If you are starting to think Ivy is involved as well, then maybe the main thing that set you off in episode 3 was her laptop password being the word clownz (with a z). I think that is huge even though it’s so obvious and not something the show subtly puts in episodes like they usually do.

If we really look into their relationship, we don’t know anything about Ivy and Ally’s past. One of the main questions we don’t have answered yet is who gave birth to Oz. The way the show plays it off is that Ivy did, because Oz seems to have more of a connection with her than Ally, but who knows? Looking back into major situations that have gone down with Ally, we notice that Ivy is never around during them, nor does she seem to want to rush to Ally’s aid. I myself, just like most of you, would probably drop whatever we were doing if a significant other was in trouble or having an issue. Ivy just blows it off like it’s not big deal, almost how Dr. Vincent blows off Ally.

Is Ivy the cults whistle blower, so to speak? We haven’t seen any interactions between Ivy and Kai except for episode 1 where Kai spills coffee on Ally and Ivy. Ally goes off on him where Ivy doesn’t really have much to say. Ivy seems to never have a problem speaking her mind, but when she is around Kai in that scene, or even the the Wilton’s, it’s almost pure silence from her. Not to mention, Ivy seems to be very forgiving of Winter in all situations, but that’s a whole other can of worms to discuss later. I think episode 4 is going to reveal a lot more about Ivy than we expected.

INTENSE! That is the only way I can describe this season, because something is always happening and new questions always pop up without the old questions ever getting answered. Only thing I will say is that I could use just a little more Kai Anderson than what we have been given so far, but I think that will change very soon.

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