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‘Teen Wolf’ Series Finale Recap

Teen Wolf series finale recap, Season 6, Episode 20, “Wolves of War,” aired September 24, 2017 

This is it. Our last Teen Wolf recap ever! (Sob!) It wasn’t everything we were hoping for, but the actual end to the series is exactly what Jeff said he was aiming for when we spoke at SDCC – satisfying. Scott and the pack walking together, ready to help a new, young werewolf is the kind of full circle ending you hope for as a viewer. The enemy (Monroe) was defeated, but not killed, meaning that Teen Wolf can live on. It’s a good and smart ending to the show. Now lets talk about the rest of the episode!

Scott. Our hero. Our True Alpha. In the flash forward opener, Scott is still the guy that everyone can count on, including a newbie wolf. While we wish that he was off running a clinic of his own, (and he still could be), it’s great to see that he is still fighting the good fight. It was a great way to show how far Scott has come since Season 1. And having Argent and Scott be the savior to a young werewolf who is being hunted is a super poetic end to their story as enemies turned friends.

The fight. The gang is back together and it’s pretty fucking cool (vehicular manslaughter and flying Derek aside). The extended pack fights off the hunters but it’s too late for Deucalion. It’s super emotional when he dies and we are still a little shocked that we all ended up loving him so much. Also, we loved Scott’s face when he saw Derek. It’s such an underrated friendship. Now that the hunters have left, it’s time to reorganize.

Teen Wolf — Series Finale “Episode 620” — Photo Credit: Scott Everett White/MTV — © 2016 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved

Gerard. This dude is the WORST. After his troops fall back, he decides to hop on the radio and taunt the pack with some Shakespeare. Also, can we all just pause to appreciate that Derek can also quote Shakespeare? Yum. So Gerard gives Scott the locations of the rest of his peeps and declares war. Jackson is in the Armory, they trapped Parrish in Eichen House, they locked Papa McCall up in the Sheriff’s station and Liam is at the hospital. Gerard has laid out his traps and he knows that Scott will walk into them all in an effort to save everyone.

Stiles reunion. The Stiles/Pack reunion was a little underwhelming. After all this time apart, we thought we’d see a little more between Scott and Stiles – and Lydia and Stiles, but nope. And after 6a, we all thought we were going to see this couple actually BE a couple and hug or something, but they did not (boo!).

Teen Wolf — Series Finale “Episode 620” — Photo Credit: Scott Everett White/MTV — © 2016 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved

Catching up, and planning. Scott sends Theo to help Liam (yay!) and gathers the pack at the animal clinic to decide what their next move will be. Before they start planning their attack, Stiles fills everyone in on everything they’d missed from him. The two versions of the Derek/Stiles story are hilarious and make us long for the days when this whole group was together. Derek carrying a crying Stiles out of the building was gold. Also, watching Lydia fangirl over Stiles’ accomplishments is pretty darn cute, but weird at the same time. How did she not know this already?

The Hospital. OMG, Mason and Corey are so sweet. During peak hunter craziness, they say I love you for the first time and prepare to take on the hunters together. LOVE. THEM. Elsewhere in the hospital, Mama McCall is taking care of Nolan, who was beat up by Gabe. The hunters have taken over the hospital and she wants Nolan to help her take it back. GO MELISSA!!!!

teen wolf series finale photos
Teen Wolf — Series Finale “Episode 620” — Photo Credit: Scott Everett White/MTV — © 2016 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved

Stiles, Lydia and Jackson. At the armory, Jackson is able to use his Kanima tail to get out of his shackles but he’s still stuck in there. Lydia and Stiles go to the armory to save Jackson and things get awkward. First, Lydia runs and hugs him, which is weird because at this point in the episode she still hasn’t even touched her current BF. Also, he was pretty terrible to her and then just left town. It just felt out of place and more like a Holland/Colton moment, rather than an earned Lydia/Jackson moment.

Stiles literally pulls them apart. That’s when we get the very “who’s on first” moment when Stiles and Lydia try to process how/why Jackson is there with Ethan. That’s when a light bulb clicks on for Lydia and she is happy that Jackson finally embraced his true self. Before they leave the Armory, Scott asks Stiles to grab something and Lydia and Jackson find Ethan!

Teen Wolf — Series Finale “Episode 620” — Photo Credit: Scott Everett White/MTV — © 2016 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved

Theo and Liam. At the hospital, Gabe is about to gun Liam down when the elevator opens and someone grabs him. IT’S THEO! Meanwhile, Morey does some invisible fighting with a bedpan and it’s great. And then comes the Thiam moment that melted our hearts.

“Look, I’m not dying for you.” – Theo

“I’m not dying for you either – but I will fight with you.” – Liam

“Okay, let’s fight.” – Theo

These two have had such a rocky history but in 6b they have really come to depend on each other and it’s awesome. They have a super cool fight sequence in the hospital hallway but (despite Melissa and Nolan’s aid) they are still gunned down by Gabe.

Monroe. So apparently her big plan is to kill Scott with a yellow bullet filled with wolfsbane. While they are at the school, Monroe shoots Scott with the yellow bullet and Malia runs after her. Derek holds Scott down and burns the wolfsbane out and refuses to leave him. We know that Peter is technically Scott’s Alpha, but having Derek there to take care of Scott just feels right.

Teen Wolf series finale photos

Everybody gets stoned. Peter is turned to stone before the others can get there, but he’s still alive. After helping Scott with the wolfsbane, Derek goes into the hall to face the Anuk-ite and his fear. It’s Jennifer! We aren’t sure if this means that loving someone, losing her or being betrayed by her was his fear, but whichever it was – it’s heartbreaking. He opens his eyes and is turned to stone. Malia, Ethan and Jackson are all turned to stone too.

The Sheriff is back. At Eichen, the Sheriff goes to save Parrish and it’s so bad ass. He struts in and owns the deputies like a BOSS. (We love him so much.) He takes down the three brainwashed deputies and they go back to his side. They all go free Papa McCall and work on disarming the town, starting with the hunters (thanks to Parrish’s Hell Hound heat).

“What are you, like 60?” – Deputy (right before the Sheriff punches his bitch ass)

Scott’s fears. Scott goes to hide in the library with his eyes closed. He hears the Anuk-Ite but it has taken the form of Void Stiles/Nogitsune. Scott’s fear must be failing his friends or losing them. The Anuk-Ite brings up Allison and Scott almost loses it. His fear to keep them safe is what makes him strong. In order to fight the Anuk-Ite, Scott scratches out his eyes! AHHHH! The Anuk-Ite takes on the form of the past villains and it’s super cool but he can’t beat Scott. He is too strong and refuses to give up.

Teen Wolf — Series Finale “Episode 620” — Photo Credit: Scott Everett White/MTV — © 2016 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved

Humans saving the day! Luckily, Stiles gets there in time with the mountain ash. He throws it and the Anuk-Ite turns to stone and everyone else is free! Derek, Peter and Malia bust out of the stone and take down the hunters. Ethan and Jackson do too and are almost shot by a random hunter but Coach jumps out and beats him with a lacrosse stick. Coach for the win!

Theo’s redemption. If you recall, Mason told Theo that he can’t take pain if he doesn’t care. After the final fight, we get to see something amazing about that. Gabe, a young man who was brainwashed by fear is dying and in pain. A teary eyed Theo walks over and takes it from him. Theo takes the pain of the kid trying to kill him and his friends. It’s such a great moment for Theo and the others take note of how big it is.

Teen Wolf — Series Finale “Episode 620” — Photo Credit: Scott Everett White/MTV — © 2016 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved

Argents. Kate is tearing up the Armory to find the yellow wolfsbane because she wants to kill Scott for some reason. But to Kate’s surprise, Gerard shoots her with the yellow wolfsbane first! We get to hear Gerard say “Mountain Ash” one last time before Kate kills him. Nice. And Argent struts away from his bullshit family.

Stydia and Scalia. In the library, Scott isn’t healing because he can’t focus. Malia is begging him to try but he is so spent, he just can’t. That’s when Lydia has a great idea. She looks at Stiles and grabs his hand. She remembers that kissing Stiles helped him focus and stop a panic attack and it was also the memory that helped Stiles get back to them. She tells Malia to kiss Scott and it works! Yay love!

Teen Wolf — Series Finale “Episode 620” — Photo Credit: Scott Everett White/MTV — © 2016 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved

The end. Monroe ran, the Sheriff has taken back the town and Nolan and Liam want to lead the Lacrosse team together. Chris and Melissa kiss, Ethan and Jackson went back home and the pack is still together, ready to protect the people of Beacon Hills when needed. In the flash forward in LA (I think), Scott tells Alec about the pack and the hunters and says he can join them. Could this be the rumblings of a future spin off? We hope so!

“You’re not a monster, you’re a werewolf.” – Scott

And then they walk of together with the last shot of our hero, Scott. And that’s it!

This fandom isn’t going anywhere, but the show and my recaps have come to an end. So remember I love you, be your own anchor and never underestimate the power of a kiss.

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