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‘Outlander’: Our top 7 moments of 3×02, “Surrender”

Outlander, ep 3×02, “Surrender” aired on Sept 17, 2017

If you’re a huge fan of Jamie and Claire’s love story, you’ve likely been gutted since the moment the couple said their goodbyes at Craigh na Dun last season. That and you’re waiting impatiently for the inevitable moment when the two lovers will see each other again. The premiere and this week’s episode, “Surrender” take us deep into shared grief and pure longing that span centuries. Gotta say, as much as I can’t wait for the inevitable moment when Jamie and Claire are together again, these episodes in between have been well executed.

In the most recent episode, “Surrender” we learn more about the immediate years after Jamie “survived” Culloden. He’s not the man he once was and his sister Jenny is impatient to have her big brother back. She knows that Claire was the love of his life, but thinks it is time that Jamie moved on with someone else and perhaps started a family. Jamie isn’t sure how that could possibly work with the Redcoats banging on the door every few months looking for the “Dunbonnet” aka Red Jamie.

Also, there’s the fact that he doesn’t want to be with anyone else. He spends more time in the wild than with people and is more comfortable that way. For her part, Claire has put on a good show of moving on with her life with Frank, but “Surrender” makes it more than clear where her heart and desires remain.

This episode had quite a few shining moments, but even more that left us completed gutted. Check out the top seven moments from “Surrender” and then be sure to hit the comments to let us know what moments tugged at your heartstrings the most and those that left you breathless.

1) Man Versus Wild

In the six years since Culloden, Jamie’s physical wounds have healed but he’s lost himself to the grief of his dead friends and love. He fully embraces the “Bear Grylls” lifestyle and makes his way back to home Lallybroch. His archery skills come in handy in helping keep Jenny and family fed whenever the soldiers come to drag Ian away for days or months at a time.

2) Claire Misses Her Husband

Forget the saying “Close your eyes and think of England”. Pull a Claire Fraser and think of a certain Scot sans his kilt. Granted it was hella awkward that she was lying there beside Frank the entire time and her pursuit of self-gratification wasn’t the least quiet. I was waiting for the camera to pan over and show Frank wide awake. Though that might have been overkill given what happens between Claire and Frank later in the episode. In the meantime…close your eyes and think of Jamie.

Who can really blame her? Also, yay for the fact that though they’re apart we still get to see these two together in some way. Despite her promise to put the past behind her, no way did she spend twenty years putting this man out of her mind. I mean!

3) Jamie Meets His Nephew

Jamie meets his newly born nephew, Baby Ian and nearly gives me a heart attack when the Redcoats show up. Fergus and the other boys found that old pistol and I just knew trouble was sure to follow. Before that onslaught of anxiety hits, we’re treated to the sight of Jamie cradling little Ian and you can almost see the thoughts running through his head. Of Faith who they lost in Paris and of the unborn child Claire was carrying when he sent her away to safety. Talk about heartbreaking. Then here comes Jenny telling Jamie that it’s time for him to move on with his life and find someone new. Start that family. Jamie doesn’t want to hear it. Enter those soldiers after Fergus fires the pistol, the sound echoing across the countryside. Jamie is still literally holding the baby when he has to hide in the next room. Talk about stressful.

4) Close Your Eyes…

Claire has always been passionate. We saw that in the series premiere with Frank and then after she married Jamie. Sure her heart is still with the Scot, but a girl has needs and Frank is conveniently…there. Gotta say. I’m not Frank’s biggest fan, but I felt bad for him when it became quite clear that Claire’s “I miss my husband” comment wasn’t about him. Sure, he could’ve just went with it, but he put the brakes on their passionate interlude when Claire refused to open her eyes and look at him.

We get a parallel moment between Jamie and Mary McNab. After Jamie has decided to turn himself in, Mary shows up. She tells him that she isn’t there in an attempt to replace Claire. She saw the two lovers together and knows what he lost. She simply wants to share a night and give themselves something that they both need. Jamie closes his eyes here. He lies to her and tells her that it’s something that he’s always done. That was a nice touch and connection between what happens with Claire and Frank.


5) Oh, Fergus…

Poor Fergus. He’s been through so much in his young life. First, he loses Claire and then Jamie is a shadow of his former self. He’s found a place with the Murray family, but that kid can’t catch a win. I knew that moment was coming after reading the books and I dreaded every second of this episode. Like Jamie, I sat there unable to look away and frozen when the soldier (jerk!) that Fergus has been taunting holds down the child and cuts off his arm. I knew it wouldn’t happen, but I almost wished that Jamie would reveal himself right there and go after the soldier. Granted he had the more pressing matter of keeping Fergus alive to take care of.

6) Feigned Betrayal

Jamie comes up with the (HORRIBLE) idea to turn himself in. He figures that this action will stop the Redcoats from dragging away Ian every few months and put money in  Jenny’s pockets if she pretends to turn him in out of spite. Jenny’s reaction is everything and her words and anguish feel real. Maybe the soldiers think that she’s angry about having a traitor for a brother, but we and Jamie know better.

7) How Claire Finally Got Her Groove Back

It’s the 1950s. Claire and Frank have apparently now gotten twin beds. Their sex life appears to be as dead as Claire thinks Jamie is. Still, for the first time since she returned and not counting the sweet moments with her baby girl, Claire finally looks happy and settled. Why? Because she’s starting medical school and she’s made a new friend. They’re both outcasts in a classroom that is otherwise filled with white males. Claire doesn’t let this reaction get her down. She’s exactly where she needs to be.


Honorable Mention:

How adorable is Brianna in this photo and I want Claire’s 1950s wardrobe because this coat and her look at the end of the episode were on fire. Speaking of the end of the episode, that moment when she’s walking happily along and hears the mournful playing of the bagpipe player. The perfect way to end the episode.

What did you think of the episode and what was your favorite moment?

Outlander airs on STARZ on Sundays at 8/7c

Photos: STARZ/Outlander


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