What our perfect ‘It: Chapter Two’ adult cast would be

In the wake of the new movie It, people are already talking about what’s to come in the sequel. Can you blame them, though? The movie ended with the screen saying “It: Chapter One”, teasing that there will most definitely be a second movie with the adult versions, not that we weren’t expecting that. While no It: Chapter Two adult cast has been announced, there are many theories flying around as to who would make great adult counterparts.

It: Chapter Two adult cast

To join in on the action, we’ve created our perfect It: Chapter Two adult cast. Of course, this is weighing heavily on the fact that the adults would be spot on look-alikes for the roles.

Then again, they could always just mind-f us and wait another 27 years until they make Chapter Two, using the original kids in their actual 40s. However, I get the feeling that setting the first movie in 1989 means that about 27 years later (2016) will put an adult version right on track with present time.

Bill Denbrough

It: Chapter Two adult cast
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The leading role is played by Jaeden Lieberher in Chapter One, and we have a few ideas for who his adult counterpart could be. Throughout the whole movie I couldn’t help but think that Lieberher reminded me of a young Dane Dehaan. While the Chapter Two adults would be about 40 years old, Dane is only in his early 30s. The resemblance is uncanny, though! If they could acquire a bit of makeup work, we bet he could look the right age. Another “fancast” fave is Alex Skarsgard. Wouldn’t it be ironic to pair him against his brother, Bill, who plays Pennywise?

Ben Hanscom

It: Chapter Two adult cast
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While all of the kids make up the self-proclaimed “losers” group, Ben Hanscom in particular seems to be the butt of most jokes. His size in particular is a reason why he gets bullied. It would be fantastic to see Jeremy Ray Taylor’s Ben grow up to be dashing and in shape. While Taylor has said this himself, and picked Chris Pratt as an adult version of himself, my vote is for Josh Hartnett. Their faces look so much alike, and Josh could clearly fulfill the whole “he Neville-Longbottem-ed” prophecy.

Beverly Marsh

It: Chapter Two adult cast
Looper and Variety

Sophia Lillis, the younger Beverly Marsh, has said that she would love to see Jessica Chastain play her adult self. We couldn’t agree more for our It: Chapter Two adult cast! Not only does she look the part, but she’s also got the Academy Awards and Golden Globes to prove it. Lillis nailed it on the head. Need I say anything more?

Richie Tozier

It: Chapter Two adult cast
The Flickering Myth and The Peaky Blinders

Finn Wolfhard’s Richie Tozier was the over-the-top, snarky little asshole that we couldn’t help but love. It’s going to be just as important to make sure that his adult version has those characteristics. If Cillian Murphy is up for that type of role, we could really see him embodying an older version of Richie (provided with some brown contact lenses). Another possible backup could be James Marsden. Finn himself would love to see Bill Hader portray him, which has actually taken the internet by storm in terms of fancasting the sequel.

Mike Hanlon

It: Chapter Two adult cast
IMDB and The Paper Magazine

Alrighty, if it were my choice I would say John Boyega would make a great older version of Chosen Jacob’s Mike Hanlon. The only possible dilemma with that is that Boyega is only 25, which puts him off by about 15 years from where an adult Mike Hanlon would be. If they can’t pull off an age gap that big via makeup and production, then my other option would be Jeffrey Wright!

Eddie Kaspbrak

It: Chapter Two adult cast
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Jack Dylan Grazer played the germaphobe Eddie Kaspbrak in this new version of It. When it comes to the adult side, Jim Sturgess would be a pretty darn good match. Looking through fan-made cast ideas and other creations, Jake Gyllenhaal also seems to be a pretty popular option for an adult Eddie Kaspbrak.

Stanley Uris

It: Chapter Two adult cast

While Wyatt Oleff, the youngster that played Stanley Uris, would love to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt play his role, I can’t really see the resemblance. My pick is Tom Hiddleston! The facial shape and features are just too on point, even though it would be a bit of a smaller role for Hiddleston.

So what do you all think of our perfect It: Chapter Two adult cast? Are there any actors that you would like to see that we didn’t mention?


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