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‘Legends’ and ‘The Flash’ cast members reunite at Heroes and Villains New York

Cast members of Legends and Flash unite at Heroes and Villains

Calling all The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow fans! A few of your favorites took the stage at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest! Cheers from the crowd reached an all time high as Robbie Amell, Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Candice Patton, and Carlos Valdes came out!

Heroes and Villains
Heroes and Villains Fan Fest

Candice and Carlos let us in on what we can expect to see in season 4 of The Flash. The relationship between Iris and Cisco is going to be a bit strained. The two actors are excited for fans to see the new dynamic as it’s something that has never been done between the two characters before. Let’s just hope they make up quickly! We can’t have our favorites at odds for too long!

Heroes and Villains
Heroes and Villains Fan Fest

Fans were eager to learn what would be different about Brandon Routh’s character and also the Atom suit. The Legends of Tomorrow star says that the suit won’t be looking any different this season, but it will be able to give Ray Palmer a new power to play with! That’s just as exciting to us!

Heroes and Villains
Heroes and Villains Fan Fest

The celebs all unite when they talk about how difficult it is to shoot scenes with their doppelganger. Robbie Amell points out that while the doubles may look just like the actors from the back, the front is a whole other story. Candice and Caity weigh in that it’s extremely difficult to go up against yourself in a scene!

Are you excited for season 4 of The Flash? What about the new season of Legends of Tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below!

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