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‘Teen Wolf’ Series Finale Spoiler Free Review

The Teen Wolf Series Finale airs Sunday, September 24th on MTV

Welcome to the last spoiler free review for Teen Wolf EVER! It has been a wild ride, but we made it! This wonderful little show is almost over, so let’s take a look at what’s in store for the pack’s final fight! This is extra spoiler free so you can experience it in all it’s glory when it airs! Here we go!

Ending. This episode does a great job of bringing the show full circle. It doesn’t really pass the torch, but rather it opens the door to new stories in the future.

Nostalgia. It feels like a warm hug at times. I didn’t realize how much I missed Stiles and Derek until they returned to join the group for the final fight. And the “fears” are my favorite. FAVORITE!

Coach. He has some great moments that will make you smile.

Ships. There are some very sweet ship moments in the finale that will make fans happy.

Redemption. Tears of joy. Lots of them.

It is nostalgic, tense and funny and felt like the Teen Wolf of season’s past. Even with 6B’s missteps here and there, this is a pretty satisfying end to a great show.

Teen Wolf 6×20 Scorecard:

Scalia score: 10/10  

Stydia score: 6/10 

Thiam score: 9/10

Sterek score: 4/10 

Morey score: 10/10

Nostaglia score: 11/10

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Watch Teen Wolf 6×18 and 6×19 on Sunday 9/17 on MTV

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