‘American Horror Story: Cult’ recap: 7×02 “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”

American Horror Story: Cult recap: Season 7, Episode 2, “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”, Aired Sept. 12, 2017

Welcome back American Horror Story: Cult fans! Now that we all have had time to watch American Horror Story: Cult “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark,” let’s discuss, what I feel are the two main topics this episode! Even though there wasn’t much Evan Peters in this one, it was still good!

Keeping Up with the Wiltons!

Oh geez, where do I start with the Wiltons? First off, let me say Billy Eichner in American Horror Story at first had me really questioning the casting of this season, but I was 100% wrong! Billy is perfect for the role of Harrison Wilton. Now, I don’t know if this was done on purpose, but the first time we see Billy on screen he is being interviewed on the street. Billy is probably most famously known for a show he does called Billy On The Street where he interviews people on the street. Ryan Murphy, you trickster, I see what you did!

The Wiltons role seems to be very prominent now that we have seen episode 2, and it’s safe to say that will continue for the rest of the season. These neighbors have a lot of perfect timing situations going on. Kai Anderson was getting that beat down in episode 1. Oh look who just happens to be walking by to film it… the Wiltons. The Changs get murdered in their house, and who just happens to be on the market for a new house…,the Wiltons. Good thing Ally got that gun on the day of the “big” nighttime power outage, and where did she get this gun from… the Wiltons. So to me, this is way too many coincidences in a matter of a little more than 24 hours. I think we are being led to think that they are somehow connected to Kai, but at the same time, it seriously could all just be right time right place. We don’t really know a whole lot about them so everything is pure speculation at this moment.

Some key things that stood out in my mind were obviously the beehives, because it’s a great reference to cults and really the bees might not play any further role. The barrels being rolled into the house when they arrive; guys your bees aren’t producing that much honey in a small neighborhood community setting. The same ice cream truck from episode 1 that we see pull up in front of their house. However, we don’t see any clowns jump out of it this time around. Probably because they are all in Ally’s house somehow!

The BIGGEST thing in my mind though is, since these neighbors are new, we really have no reason not to trust them yet. So, if they say something, we kind of automatically believe them. Harrison comes over to tell her that the power is off in multiple states, so it’s probably a terrorist act. At no point in the episode do we have any proof that the power is out in other states, we just automatically believe Harrison. Now, we do see that it is off in the rest of the town, but that’s the only proof we have. Me personally, I think it is a flat out lie from Harrison to Ally so her mind doesn’t start putting the blame on the Wiltons, Kai, or the clowns. I feel Ally kind of starts to see that it isn’t what she was told when she finds her house alarm wires have been cut, so much for those new bars on Ally and Ivy’s house. They don’t seem to be doing the trick too well so far.

Wait how did Kai know the bars on the house were new unless someone was monitoring it… THE WILTONS!


Winter is Coming!

Ok you have to give me credit for my title on this next topic because that was flat out brilliant on my part! I am very intrigued by Winter Anderson this episode, because her actions just flat out confuse me. In the last article, I discussed how we don’t know Kai and Winter’s relationship. As of now, we still don’t know their relationship. We only see Kai twice this episode, but Winter is in it almost the entire way through. So far, her actions haven’t really been too harmful, because she is still the babysitter and it seems they have invested A LOT of trust in her. Although, I don’t know how well the whole ‘Winter leaving right as the power goes off’ will go over with Ally once this has passed over.

Anyways, so this pinky-promise thing seems to be pretty powerful since Oz is now requesting to do it with Winter. Winter has laid out the groundwork for Oz to confide his fears to her and get him to trust her, which is going to be very important for Winter’s role in the house. I mean, Oz said he feared the new neighbors, and what do we see next? Winter has let Oz go play at the neighbors. Hmmmm? Is Winter trying to recruit Oz for this cult she might be a part of? My guess is no. I still feel that Ally is the target, and Oz is simply just there so Winter can gather information.

Ally has to be the target right? Anytime Winter does something, it really affects Ally and not Ivy. I almost think Winter is giving off this ‘you can trust me but remember I call the shots’ vibe to Ally. Taking the bathtub scene for instance – she runs the bath getting Ally all relaxed (probably the most relaxed we have seen her this season) then makes a move to “relax” her even more! Winter almost threatens her in that instance with the issue of Ally not taking her meds, letting Ally know she can trust Winter, but if she doesn’t, then Ivy might need to know! Winter does a lot of odd things this episode, but I honestly feel the bathtub scene was very crucial and important to the storyline going forward.


Per usual with American Horror Story, we have more questions than answers, so I should be used to this by now but I’m not. Episode 3 is called “Neighbors From Hell,” so I think we are going to get a way better idea of where the Wiltons stand when it comes to whose side they are on.

Remember to live tweet (@Breaking_Nate) with me during the next episode to discuss everything that is going on. Last week, we got retweeted by the official American Horror Story Twitter account, so maybe we can make that happen again!

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