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‘Teen Wolf’: 91 Thoughts we had while watching 6×18 and 6×19

Teen Wolf recap of 6×18, “Genotype” and 6×19, “Broken Glass,” aired September 17, 2017 

Holy Hale, that was nuts! Buckle up because we have some thoughts on that double dose of Teen Wolf craziness! Starting with 6×18!

1.That is an old ass cell phone. I am shocked that it has speaker phone.

2. Oh, this voicemail is from another werewolf in the Primal pack! (That explains the old tech.)

3. Mason, I love you boo but I think Theo already figured all of this out last week.

4. I get why everyone hates on Theo, but don’t invite him to stuff if you are going to be a dick to him.

5. Theo and Mason team up! Those two should just blow off their mission and go play Risk. #SmartBoys

6. Lydia and Malia are hanging with the corpse of the Hell Hound. #Party

7. This Hell Hound was shot in the head, but they didn’t take the bullet out? I am guessing that’s because nobody wants to work in Beacon Hills Hospital.

8. Stiles’ bat! Mason still has it, even though the Hell Hound melted it! Aw.

9. I love that Liam being a terrible student just came in handy! It’s the teacher that let him get beat up, Mrs. Finch!

teen wolf

10. Malia is hilarious.

11. Does Lydia actually like Malia? She seems to always be annoyed with her.

12. I love that the biology classes always seem to link up to the plot line. It’s like Boy Meets World but with werewolves.

13. Haha, the maintenance guy looking at Scott like he is a psycho is so accurate.

14. Liam’s tricks are not working on Mrs. Finch – or are they?

15. Lydia’s weirdest vision yet!

16. Damn, calm you tits Halwyn.

17. This Mrs. Finch scene is super emotional. My heart hurts.

18. Stiles would be so proud of Lydia’s plan right now. Also, they are rocking those scrubs gooooood. #Fierce

19. The silver in the bullet will kill Halwyn if they pull it out, but if they leave it in, he is “dead” anyway. Drama.

20. Oh snap! Her daughter’s name is Quinn!!!! Quinn is the other half of the Anuk-Ite!

teen wolf 6x19

21. Mason’s not wrong. Theo has done some messed up stuff but are we sure that Mason isn’t a little jelly that his BFF has been ditching him for Theo this season?

22. It’s always Fall in Beacon Hills! Cue the dried leaves!

23. Quinn has arrived. Finch hits them with some wolfsbane because of course she would. Saw that coming.

24. Halwyn is awake but the silver is already poisoning him. Not good. But really, Malia was right. This was the only option.

25. Mrs. Finch: “You’re not my daughter!” (Um, that’s what they just told you before you knocked them out. Duh.)

26. “You can’t take pain if you don’t care.” – Mason (Maybe it would work on Liam!)

27. The Anuk-Ite halves are feeling each other’s pain and Mrs. Finch is bleeding out. THIS IS TOO TENSE!

28. Beacon Hills Deputies: We must bust sleeping Theo. He can’t park illegally!!!! (Animal growls come from the school, the sewer and at the hospital) Beacon Hills Deputies: No, that’s no big deal.

29. I didn’t even know Halwyn, why am I crying?

30. Okay, don’t look at the Anuk-Ite when it merges. Got it.


31. Liam, don’t let them merge!!! OH NO!

32. Scott, I love ya but you have bigger probs right now. Mrs Finch can handle herself. She’s an Alpha!

33. EWWWWWW. This creepy spider kiss is going to haunt my dreams.

34. Oh shit. The Anuk-Ite is creepy AF! Close your eyes Liam!

35. Lydia saves Liam! She has been saving everybody this season! Get this girl a medal!

36. Whoa, those dudes just turned to stone! Very Medusa.

37. They need to learn to fight blind! Time to call Big D!

38. Aw, Malia is broken up after that Halwyn thing. She needs some lovin.


40. Love or hate Scalia – this is hot.


41. And now there is no hospital staff left. Is Mama McCall going to get her meds?

42. Oh, Gerard. You crazy f*ck.

43. Okay, deep breath. Time for 6×19!

44. Argent is alive!!! And in Brazil!

45. “It began with a mass murder.” – Cop (Oooooo, is that the mass murder that the FBI guy mentioned in 6×11?)

46. DEREK HALE!!!!!!

47. Derek: “Who wants me?” Fandom: “ALL OF US!”

48. Why is anyone listening to Gerard? He is a nut.

49. Derek and his cars. LOVE.

50. This is like an action movie trailer and now I want the full length feature.


51. Beacon Hills written in blood. Never a good sign.

52. Monroe is zapping Ethan and I hate her.

53. Okay, Monroe is the worst but she is charismatic AF. If only she used her powers for good.

54. Noah is gonna punch this little pretty boy Deputy.

55. I know the people are being poisoned by the Anuk-Ite but I am so mad. Scott has been protecting your asses for years and this is how you thank him?

56. Nolan, you need to run boo. You aren’t on board with this drama.

57. It’s the “Where is he?” line! But Lydia isn’t talking about Stiles, she is dreaming about Jackson! Um, okay.

58. Liam is so funny. He only agrees to go with Nolan so he can punch him later.

59. Peter and Lydia have such a crazy history. He is sort of her low key Alpha, right?

60. Scott and Malia are gone? Where did they go?


61. Argent and Derek! That would also be a great spin off!

62. Malia and Scott couldn’t leave a note for Lydia? Like “Hey, we are going to blind fight club.”

63. The staff of the hospital is on Monroe’s team. This won’t go well for Nolan and Liam.

64. Malia and Scott being competitive is super cute.

65. Hale vaults. They are everywhere apparently.

66. It’s Kate! She just murdered a bunch of FBI peeps to get that yellow wolfsbane. That was hella dramatic Kate.

67. Can’t they just listen to his heartbeat and follow that? Is that not a thing anymore?

68. Monroe is way too smart. That’s what makes her so dangerous!

69. Why would they be keeping them alive but pumping them with wolfsbane?

70. Lydia had a premonition of Peter turned to stone! And like everyone else, including Derek, Ethan and Scott. Well, that can’t be good.

71. Peter and Lydia working together is my new fav thing.

72. Kate can go back to where ever it is she just came from.

73. Daddy don’t want you, Kate.

74. Oh, she wants to kill Scott? WTF does she care about Scott after all this time?

75. More blind fight club. Couldn’t this just be a 30 second montage? Give me more Derek!

76. I still don’t trust you Nolan.

77. Haha, Liam wants to beat up Nolan so bad.

78. Gabe is so creepy. Go get a hobby or something. Leave Nolan alone!

79. MOREY! Mason and Corey are so cute.

80. I get the comparison, but can we leave the Holocaust out of this?

teen wolf 6x19

81. They set Nolan up! Gabe is going to kill him!? AHHHHHH!

82. I miss Stiles.

83. Is anyone else getting some serious Star Wars vibes from the blind fight club? Use the force, Scott!

84. Morey is bait. They wanted them to go to the hospital. Run my babies, run!

85. How the f*ck is Scott going to win a war when you are beating him up right now? He needs his strength.

86. OMG, it’s almost over. I am so stressed out!

87. Aw, Deucalion is kinda adorable.

88. Lydia and Peter found them! That’s good, okay.


90. All these super hearing people and NOBODY heard all these cars pull up? Come on guys.

91. Holy sh*t.


That was so intense! And next week is the finale. The last EVER Teen Wolf and it’s going to be insane.

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