‘The Deuce’ series premiere recap: 1×01 “Pilot”

The Deuce series premiere recap: Season 1, Episode 1, “Pilot,” Aired Sept 10, 2017

Sunday, 2.2 million viewers tuned in to watch HBO’s new series The Deuce, a show that captures the heart of New York during the ’70s and ’80s when prostitution and porn were prevalent. James Franco stars as twin brothers, and Maggie Gyllenhaal is “Candy”, a prostitute who is making it on her own terms. It packs quite an exciting and risque punch, as HBO is looking for material to eventually fill the void that Game of Thrones will be leaving when it wraps up. Here’s a recap of The Deuce series premiere!

The characters

The Deuce series premiere

James Franco’s main twin we see in the pilot is Vincent, a downtrodden bartender at the local dive. He’s working two jobs to get by and support his family, including a wife who is clearly getting down when he isn’t around. To top it all off, Vincent has to deal with predatory loan sharks who are after his twin brother, Frankie. In this pilot episode, Vincent leaves behind the things that have been bringing him down to try to start a successful new trend at his second job. Having the cocktail waitresses wear leotards leads to a huge boom in business. Is that a hint at what may come?

The Deuce series premiere
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Eileen, who goes by “Candy” on the streets, is Gyllenhaal’s role as the leading prostitute. She’s the only girl on the block who doesn’t work for a pimp because “no man is making money off of her”! We see that she’s got the beginnings of an interesting back story, as she has a son who lives with her mother.

Along with the two leading roles, we see our fair share of other prostitutes, both veterans and new girls. We come to know the pimps and their…tendencies.

The Deuce series premiere

What to expect from The Deuce

It’s clear that our Franko twins are going to find themselves in some financial trouble due to Frankie’s history. I wouldn’t be surprised if loan sharks or the mob somehow get Vincent confused with Frankie which could lead to some serious trouble. Another viable possibility is that the brothers team up together in some risky business to cover Frankie’s butt!

The Deuce series premiere
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Based on commercials for the series, we know that what we see as street prostitution is going to eventually lead to the legal emergence of the pornography industry. You better bet we’ll see Candy as one of the first leading ladies getting into adult acting in The Deuce. It’s clear she likes to run her own thing, and film may be a safer option for her.

Be surprised to learn more about the actual business working of prostitution and porn. They hold nothing back in the first episode, and surely won’t stop that train. We see the inner workings of prostitutes and pimps battling it out for that extra bit of money or one more customer. Also, expect lots of flesh. It should be a given and HBO is known for it’s nudity. However, this is definitely a show to be prepared for in that department.

The Deuce series premiere
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Character development

This is going to be one of the biggest parts of season 1, we predict! Of course every TV show has characters that change and grow, but we think this will be one of the most pivotal parts of season one. We’ve already gotten a glimpse into the lives of almost every prostitute and pimp on the show. Those snippets are sure to grow into some bigger character developments. The pimps and prostitutes will be making some major personal changes as porn heightens. Also, sexuality in the ’70s and ’80s was considerably different than how it’s looked at in a lot of society today. This will also make it interesting to see how these characters react to and live in a world where prostitution and porn are fully fledged.


So what did you all think of The Deuce series premiere? What were your favorite moments and what do you expect to see this season? Let us know in the comments!


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