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‘Arrow’: 6 Reasons to be excited for season 6

Arrow season 6 is just one month away, guys. Can you believe it? We’ve almost made it through hiatus! Now is the time to really start getting pumped about the new season. There are so many reasons that we absolutely cannot wait for Arrow to return, but in honor of its sixth season, we’ve narrowed the list down to the top six.

1. That Cliffhanger

Arrow Season 6

This one is obvious. By far the top reason that we need Arrow back is that we are still dying to know who’s, well, dying. In case you somehow forgot, season five ended on Arrow’s biggest cliffhanger yet. With the entire main cast on Lian Yu, the island literally exploded. Aside from Oliver and William, we have no confirmation that anyone else survived the event. We can’t wait to find out if our faves are okay.

2. Olicity

Arrow Season 6

Yeah, yeah, call us romantics at heart, but we can’t wait to see this romance rekindled. There have been whispers across the fandom, not at all quieted by Stephen Amell, that suggest that Olicity fans will be pleased with season six. In fact, some fans on Twitter have gone so far as to advocate for a wedding! Is it too soon? Maybe. But, hey, if it keeps these two soulmates from breaking up again, we are all for it.

3. The Black Canary will rise (again)

Arrow Season 6

Dinah Drake, who has now taken up the mantle of Black Canary, will appear fully costumed this season. In fact, based on CW promotional material, she may start the season off that way. After Arrow‘s rocky relationship with the iconic hero, we can’t wait to see a solid incarnation of her that will hopefully stick around for a while.

4. A Black Siren Backstory

Arrow Season 6

Rumor has it that Black Siren will be getting her own tale told this season. Multiple outlets have reported that Black Siren’s origins will be explored this season – most likely in flashbacks. We can’t wait to find out what makes Earth Two Laurel’s Siren so different from Earth One Laurel’s Canary.

5. Vigilante’s Reveal

Arrow Season 6

In an unexpected move, Arrow kept Vigilante’s identity a secret through the end of its fifth season. While villains are usually unmasked on or before the season finale, this one is still a secret. And according to Stephen Amell at San Diego Comic Con, we can expect to recognize the face under that mask. Hmm.. we don’t have any ideas, but we sure are excited.

6. Spending Time with Our Arrow Family

Arrow Season 6

When it comes down to it, the thing we are very most excited about is just having Arrow back. Over the past six years, these characters have become our friends, our fictional family, and often our inspiration. Not to mention, the Arrow fandom is really something special. They may not agree on everything, but you won’t find a more passionate group of fans. With the show returning, we will get to revisit some of our favorite relationships, on screen and off, and we cannot wait.

Arrow returns Thursday, October 12th, at 9/8c on the CW.

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