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WWE Smackdown Highlights 9/12: The Kevin Owens Show

WWE Smackdown Highlights 9/12: The Kevin Owens Show


Need a breakdown of Tuesday, Sept. 12’s WWE SmackDown Live featuring three championship matches? Plus, it was the true beginning of The Kevin Owens Show. Pure Fandom has you covered.

No development for Mahal

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal is currently in the midst of the biggest Cinderella story in WWE history. Nobody expected him to ever reach the top level of sports entertainment. Before becoming champion, he was relegated to being squashed by more popular superstars. Now that he is on top as the WWE Champion, it’s put up or shut up.

Mahal will defend the WWE Title against Nakamura at WWE Hell in a Cell.
Image: WWE

He comes out week after week and delivers the same bland promo. That is no longer acceptable. He can’t seem to win a match without help which will only hurt him in the long run. SmackDown Live should be The Jinder Mahal show, not The Kevin Owens Show. However, the champion hasn’t proved himself to critics like myself, so that won’t change. In theory, the WWE champion should be the top dog of the show, but Mahal keeps falling flat.

It’s a New Day on SmackDown Live

What a fantastic championship bout! Arguably two of the best teams in WWE history, New Day and The Uso’s, put on a wrestling clinic. This was the perfect way to cap off a fierce and competitive rivalry. Tables, chairs, and kendo sticks all came into play during this brutal fight that saw a title change. New Day managed to defeat the vicious and vile Uso’s at their own stipulation to become four-time champions.

The celebration is on!
Image: WWE

From bell to bell, the teams gave it all they had, and the match was pay per view worthy. I don’t think these two teams could have a bad match against each other. The New Day’s fun and playful nature bring a much needed lighter tone to the product. With The Kevin Owens show storyline dark in nature, this is the perfect juxtaposition.

The Queen of Black Hearts retains 

Natalya is doing the best work of her career right now. She is the workhorse of the women’s division and is finally back on top where she belongs. Aside from Charlotte, no other woman on SmackDown possesses the legacy and lineage that Natayla carries. Natalya soundly defeated Naomi, and the only logical direction would be a Charlotte vs Natalya feud. Carmella will cash in eventually, but it isn’t quite her time yet.

Charlotte is the most popular female on the roster, and both are second generation athletes which is gold. SmackDown is in desperate need of fresh women’s division storylines, and Charlotte and Natalya fit the bill. Charlotte was the number one star on Raw during her tenure there and would do wonders with Natayla. The SmackDown women’s division needs these two to rebuild what they once had going for them.

Dolph Ziggler’s identity crisis 

Dolph Ziggler is at a crucial crossroads of his WWE career. He is gifted inside the ring but has lacked clear direction for years now. His nomadic career, wandering around doing nothing, isn’t entirely his fault. Ziggler has fallen victim many times to start-stop pushes by the creative team. His new gimmick seems to be premised on the idea that other superstars use smoke and mirrors to get ahead. He is calling out legends and current superstars for using their entrances to become popular.

WWE Photo
Image: WWE

This is fine for only so long. Eventually, we need a substantial feud out of Ziggler, and hopefully it’s with SmackDown’s newest star, Bobby Roode. Roode is famous for his “glorious” entrance, and the fans eat it up every time. The idea that Ziggler is sick of this should ultimately lead to a showdown with Roode. I think if Ziggler loses, he leaves WWE.

The Kevin Owens Show takes over

Holy $#!t! Kevin Owens transformed SmackDown Live into The Kevin Owens Show and did so in a major way. The head boss of WWE (Vince McMahon) made his return to confront Owens about the brawl last week. Last week, Shane McMahon (Vince’s son) and Owens brawled after comments by Owens about McMahon’s children. Vince McMahon told him that if he tried to sue the company for the assault, he would fire him on the spot.

This did not sit well with Owens, and he issued a brutal savage assault on the chairman of WWE. Owens nailed McMahon with a headbutt that split open his skull and proceeded to beat down his boss. The assault was difficult to watch because McMahon is over 70 years old and was being violently punished. This makes Owens public enemy number one on SmackDown, and he will face Shane inside of Hell In A Cell.

WWE SmackDown Live airs Tuesdays 8/7c pm USA Network.

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